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10 Best Unknown Places for Diving Around The World

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People with a deep interest in knowing about the history and culture of different places and exploring new foods are among those who enjoy the road trips to the fullest. It means road trips are meant for interesting and enthusiastic people who are ready to face all sorts of challenges and who want to make a difference in their lives by enhancing their social, political and geographical knowledge by visiting magnificent places in the world.

For enjoying a successful road trip you have to have a perfect vehicle that’s laced with all the important facilities so that when you start your journey you do not have to be bothered about anything. Proper planning and sticking to the advice of the people who have already explored the route that you are planning to discover now can prove to be a great help.

If you are eager to explore the world on wheels, here are ten best road trip destinations in the world. 

  1. Explore Pacific Coast In The US

If you have an intense interest in exploring striking towns and cities, astonishing mountains, wine regions, winding roads, museums and art galleries and beautiful beaches, then Pacific Coast In the US can prove to be the best road trip destination for you in the world. You can start your journey from San Francisco – a remarkable city in northern California and end it in San Diego.

The distance between San Francisco and San Diego is 808 kilometres and you can cover that according to your own convenience. Once you start your journey from San Francisco make sure that you enjoy every bit of it by exploring all the beautiful attractions that you discover on the way.

You can stop in places like San Jose, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Big Sur, San Simeon, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Malibu, Los Angeles, Long Beach, before you finally reach San Diego.

2.The Ring Road of Iceland

Another interesting road trip destination is the Ring Road of Iceland and it’s for those people who want to experience the beauty of nature closely. Whether you believe it or not but Iceland is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s one of those places wherein you can enjoy some of the most adventurous activities during your trip.

People who want to appreciate the beauty of beautiful glaciers, snow-covered mountains, and misty waterfalls must explore Ring Road of Iceland. In addition to that, you will also get a chance of seeing active volcanoes if you are interested in them. Ring Road of Iceland is approximately 1,332 kilometres long, so you can plan your trip accordingly.

If you want to explore most of the attractions on the way, make sure that you spend more time there.

  1. Discover The Route des Grandes Alpes, France

There is little doubt that France is a really beautiful country and you must try to explore it whenever you get time. If you want to experience the true beauty of this country you must try to explore the Route des Grandes Alpes also know as Great Alpine Road on wheels.

It’s a 684-kilometre route that’s completely packed with stunning attraction and great views. You can start your journey from French Riviera and complete it at Lake Geneva or visa verse. Once you start your journey you will start discovering some of the most stunning views on the way.

When you start exploring this stunning mountain road you will discover 16 passes between Thonon-les-Bains and Menton.

  1. Explore Route 66 In USA

Road trips are all about driving yourself through remote, wild and beautiful places and if you feel the same way, then hit the route 66 in the USA that runs between Chicago, and Los Angeles, California. The driving distance between Los Angeles to Chicago is around 3245 kilometres, therefore make sure that you start your road trip after carrying out full planning.

It is one of the most beautiful routes in the entire USA, perhaps that’s the reason it is explored by a large number of people each year.

5.Route 62, South Africa

Whenever you talk about world’s best road trip destinations you can’t miss to mention Route 62, in South Africa. You can start your trip from the beautiful city of Cape Town and travel all the way to Port Elizabeth while discovering many stunning places on the way.

Travellers who love meeting new people and exploring different types of foods must try to explore this route once in their lifetime. When you explore this 748 kilometres long road, you will discover over 65 wineries. In addition to that, you will also get an opportunity to discover beautiful valleys, cliffs and meandering rivers.

  1. Ticlio Pass, Peru

Peru – a beautiful South American country also has a lot to offer to the holidaymakers. Ticlio Pass, which is a lovely mountain pass in Peru is a great destination for road trips.

When compared to other road trip routes in the world, it’s really a small one wherein you just have to cover a distance of 132 kilometres, but the kind of experience it provides is truly unique. When you drive through this winding route and explore the snow-covered Andes, you will experience the wilderness in the true sense. You really need strong driving skills when it comes to exploring this striking route.

7.Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

When you come to coastal routes, the Wild Atlantic Way is the longest route in the world. Located in the country’s Western Coast, the Wild Atlantic Way covers a distance of around 2500 kilometres.

You will discover a wide range of attractions such as Mizen Head, Skellig Michael, Cliffs of Moher, and Slea Head Drive when you drive through the Wild Atlantic Way.

8.The Alcan Highway, USA

If you are looking forward to travelling from Canada to Alaska make sure that you stick to the Alcan Highway. One of the best ways to experience the tranquillity in North America is to explore the Alcan Highway.

If you are among those true nature explorers who want to discover the beauty of picture-perfect lakes, stunning mountains and winding rivers, this is perhaps the best option for you.

Before exploring this 2,167 kilometres you have to plan your journey effectively so that you do not face any sort of discomfort on the way. For being on the safe side, make sure that you book your hotels in advance.

In addition to that, make sure that you pack important food items to enjoy your journey to the fullest. Make sure that you do not forget to explore Liard River Hot Springs.

9.Great Ocean Road, Australia

Australia is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to enjoying campervan road trips         with your family and friends. Great Ocean Road in Australia gives you can opportunity to get a highly thrilling road trip experience in the whole world.

You can discover striking beaches, amazing mountains, cliffs, and unique wildlife including parrots, penguins, kangaroos and koalas. Apart from that, you can also see

stacks of anteaters during your trip.

While exploring the Great Ocean Road, you can spend some quality moments with your loved ones in places like Bells Beach, Apollo Bay, and Great Otway National Park.

  1. NC500, Scotland

If you are ready to spend a weeks time, you must try to explore NC500 in Scotland. It’s one of the most scenic roads in the entire Europe and hence you must visit it once in your lifetime. This route is home to many many beautiful castles and pristine lakes. In addition to that, you will also see a lot of striking glens when you drive yourself through NC500.

You can pick any of the above-mentioned destinations if you want to get that truly stunning road trip experience soon.

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