Packing Tips For Backpacking

Dayanna Volitich Provides Essential Packing Tips For Backpacking

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The trend of backpacking has become quite popular among the millennials and young individuals.  This basically is a form of independent and cost-effective travel.  Backpacking tends to involve the use of inexpensive lodging, public transport and generally involve a much longer duration for the tour when compared to typical vacations.  This type of travelling gets its name from the fact that often travellers tend to complete such long tours by carrying their essentials in just one bag. In her blog, Dayanna Volitich underlines how many beginner backpackers tend to experience the problems of offer over packing for their trip, and hence provides certain tips relating to it.

Dayanna Volitich offers an insight on how to avoid over packing when backpacking

Packing for a backpacking trip often involves quite a lot of thought and deliberation. It is important that people are smart when packing for such trips, and try to keep their bags as light as possible.  However, like Dayanna Volitich mentions in her blog, it is many a times really difficult to decide whether to or not bring certain objects to a trip.  She is a college freshman studying English, who additionally maintains her own blog as well. She plans to become a sports writer in the future, and has interests in various other genres as well.

There are many objects that people are usually confused about to pack or not for their trip, such as a set of extra clothes, to certain gadgets like Bluetooth speakers, accessories and so on.  However, it is incredibly imperative to take into consideration the fact that as backpacking is done for a long period of time, starting with a heavy and stuffed bag in the beginning can be quite a hassle for people.  As people would ideally have to carry their backpacking bag for the whole duration of their trio, it is prudent that they do not put any unnecessary items in it.  Having a too full bag would subsequently provide with very little or about no extra space at all to carry new items that they might purchase in duration of their trip, like clothes or souvenirs.  Here are a few tips Dayanna Volitich provides in order to avoid the risk of over packing when backpacking:

  • In case the bag feels way too full, people should take out about the half of the clothes that they have packed inside. When packing only a few sets of clothes, people can be genuinely surprised that how much they are able to cycle through a few t-shirts and dresses when they are on a backpacking tour.
  • It is advisable that people avoid bringing cotton tours for their backpacking trip. The key reason being that cotton clothes typically do not pack as tightly as the ones made up of synthetic fabrics. In addition to this, cotton clothes often weigh much more than many other fabrics.  While carrying a couple of cotton garments are fine, opting to wear mixed-blends for other clothes.

Other than the adequate clothes, it is important that people pack more flat shoes and sandals in comparison to big ones. Packing one big shoe for the trip would be enough for activities like hiking, exercise and walking around the city.


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