Artistic Monuments of Bhopal

4 Artistic Monuments of Bhopal

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There is nothing more exciting in Bhopal than its lakes and monuments. Exactly, if you love nature then you can delight on its natural sites. But if you have a taste for designs, panache and rich style then you must not miss out its beautiful and enthralling monuments.

Go ahead and book your rooms in the Bhopal 5 star hotel for your upcoming visit to this city. While you are there, make sure that you walk through the exciting artistic monuments. Have a look at the 4 artistic monuments of Bhopal below:

  1. GoharMahal

GoharMahal is a popular place to visit in Bhopal. It reveals about cultural legacy of this city of Nawabs.  The place is really a beautiful mansion built in shape of a palace.  It signifies a remarkable blend of Mughal and Hindu   panaches of architecture.  The splendid palace is named after foremost female ruler of Bhopal, Qudisiya Begum who is also famously known as Gohar Begum.  It was under her direction that the palace came into existence in year 1820.  Both the interiors and exteriors of this palace were built with amazing attention to the detail and stood ornate with striking motifs, spiritual patterns and designs.  It is indeed a paradise for historians.

  1. ‘ShaukatMahal

This beautiful mehal was constructed in 19th century during the rule of Sikander Begum who was daughter of Gohar Begum. This mahal is popular for its distinctive chic that describes a distinct combination of Indo-Islamic and European   elegances of architecture.  Even after time of two centuries, splendour and magnificence of this historical monument remains unmatched in Bhopal.

  1. SadarManzil

The city of Bhopal is overflowing with amazing architectural phenomena. Talking about SadarManzil, it has a prominent place. The place is located head-to-head to regal Enclave that served as a regal courtroom for ruling head of the city.  The whole place is constructed with red bricks that cater it a captivating appeal.  The arresting entrance is carved wholly in wood that leads to a small gate. The first storey has terrace balcony whereas features of second storey have four domes, each in every corner. First floor and the ground floor have a couple of spacious rooms.  There is no doubt that SadarManzil attracts a plenty of tourists who wish to have a taste of ancient architectural and artistic charm.

  1. Bhojpur Temple

Bhojpur Temple is amongst the most well-known places to visit during your trip. This Temple is also called Bhojeshwar Temple. It was formed in times of 11th century AD during sovereignty of Raja Bhoj. The temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and is located in centre of archeologically important site of Bhojpur.  The religious prestige of this beautiful temple is extremely high.  The charm is such that the temple is often referred to as Somnath of East.

Thus, check out hotel India Bhopal for your stay and lead a beautiful artistic walk through the monuments of Bhopal. You are definitely going to love this city and its ancient yet artistically rich monuments.

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