Odessa, More than a seaside city

Odessa, More than a seaside city

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If you are one of these tourists who enjoys walking the streets, gazing into vintage architecture, getting to know more about a country’s customs and traditions then you will find all these and more when you decide to visit Odessa Ukraine as your next destination.

Your first look into Odessa’s place on the map and its features won’t give you the impression that this small sized city will indulge all my touristic needs and fantasies, but let me tell you that this city has got way more to offer compared to its size on the map. Despite its active touristic activity you won’t be able to differentiate the locals from the tourists because they tend to do all the touristic activities with the same vibe.

Adding another point to Why you should include Odessa into your next to go touristic destination is the big variety of prices that could cope with whatever you would like your next trip to be. Whether you are searching for that luxurious hotel or you want to keep your budget tight by eating at an affordable tasty restaurant you will find both. & that what’s keeping odessa one of the highly targeted touristic cities in Ukraine.

One of the most wealthy touristic destinations that would appeal to all tourists age segments and genders especially if it’s a family group is Odessa’s Zoo, What makes this zoo special is it’s large collection of endangered animals that you won’t find elsewhere.

This zoo has got a total number of 1600 animals, 243 different species which made the zoo be considered as a nature reserve for a large number of animals since hundreds of years ago so brace yourself for this unforgettable natural tour but keep in mind that this zoo have got it’s home rules too so try to keep yourself and your companions a positive guests and don’t forget to have enough storage on your phone for these awesome asian elephants rides with special trainers. What you shouldnt miss about this zoo the large number of endangered crocodiles which had been sent to Odessa from several places around the world accompanied by some beautiful collection of birds. You can roam through the zoo by walking or by bicycle to enjoy the outdoor zoo scenery with some green plants. Also you can use the zoo guided tour if you want a full description and history brief about everything included in this magnificent zoo. Working hours from 9 AM till 7 PM, Children under 5 years are eligible for a free pass.

So whether you are a part of a family, single tourist or a happy couple this city will deal with you just the way you wish to be dealt with, leaving you with a happy face. If you even compared how much you have spent or planned for this trip you will find yourself more than satisfied with the outcome. You just need to research before travelling in order to be able to know all the options available and pick what is the best deal for you for a better organized trip.


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