Holiday in Vietnam

The Real Benefits of a Holiday in Vietnam

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Thousands of people visit the beautiful country of Vietnam each year, and their reasons stretch from the food to the gorgeous beaches. Vietnam has something amazing to offer everyone, and its 3,000 kilometres of tropical coastline make it ideal for some much-needed time under the sun. Fascinating culture, fantastic architecture, and unparalleled hospitality make this location one of the best in the world to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and experience something altogether different. If you love to golf, you have all the more reason to visit on holiday.


The History

Vietnam’s history is one of the oldest and most complex in the world, dating back to 2,000 BC. The rich culture oozing out of every stone and plant in this country is something you simply should not go a lifetime without experiencing. The native Dong Son culture is still prevalent throughout the land, but you can also see the markings of its neighbours and visitors over the course of its existence. Look closely at the diversity of architecture and the subtle changes as you move from location to another. In them, you will see the influence of Chinese, Khmer, Indian, and French cultures as they came in contact.

The Golfing

Vietnam golf holidays are some of the most fun experiences that tourists have in this beautiful country. When you book a golf holiday, you cut down on the planning and set yourself up for some real adventure. Imagine walking across the green with beautiful expanses of greens, blues, and reds in all directions. Vietnam has some of the most diverse and untouched natural landscapes in the world, and your trip there will be unlike anything you may have previously experienced.

The Food

Vietnam is famous around the world for its street food. During your stay, stop at any one of the stalls found along the sidewalks and partake in the food sold there. Plastic stools are available for you to sit down and enjoy your meal comfortably, and the flavours will blow you out of the water. Vietnamese recipes have been altered very little since their creation, and you will taste its rich history in every delicious bite.

Delectable dishes such as pho noodle soup are always fresh, tasty, and quite healthy. Unlike other countries, Vietnam has a high percentage of healthy residents, and some of the reasons can be found in their low-calorie foods. You may lose a kilo or two during your stay.

The Locals

Vietnam is famous for its friendly locals and close-knit community. This country is also known as the “land of endless smiles,” and you may find it difficult to find someone unhappy to see you. Friendliness and hospitality can be found at every street corner, and you may find yourself invited in for a meal at more than one home. Do not hesitate to make new friends, share stories, and partake in delicious meals during your stay. The welcoming atmosphere and affordable cost of living allow even the smallest budgets room to enjoy luxuries during your stay. You deserve the chance to enjoy something altogether new and exciting at least once in your life, and you do not get to golf in and explore a country this beautiful often. Go out and have some well-deserved fun.


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