Dubai Fountain Show and Lake Ride

Dubai- Your Ticket To A Memorable Vacation!

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As far as memorable vacations go, everyone has their own, for special reasons. A wedding proposal on a great beach, a special announcement in a resort – personal moments add to the location’s memorability. However, seldom do we come across a city that is itself so very memorable, that it needs no special moments to seal it forever in your mind. That city is Dubai –the magical city of lights, the happening city where everything is bigger, taller and more magnificent.  Shall we take a look at the best places in Dubai to visit during your memorable vacation?

  1. Legoland Water Park

Legoland Water Park is the best treat you can give your kids while in Dubai. Every bit of fun here is lego-themed – all the rides are made of huge legos – more than 20 water slides, body and tube slides and family raft. If that weren’t enough, there’s the massive Lego Wave Pool where you can splash around with your kids. The Build-A-Raft-River is a chance for you to build your own custom Lego raft with your kids. There’s a special DUPLO® toddler play area and slides for little ones. There are 2 restaurants and a shop and cabanas you can rent for a rest from the sun. Legoland Water Park is a top Dubai tourist attraction,

Legoland Water Park

  1. The Palm Islands

Palm Jumeirah is Dubai’s proud and magnificent salute to the once challenging and scary concept of manmade islands. The Palm Jumeirah’s spread out palm tree design is so distinct, that it can easily be spotted from a satellite floating in space. Hop on a yacht or dhow cruise at the Dubai Marina and weave in and out the Palm Jumeirah to get a full view. Alternatively, stand on top of the Observation Deck at the Burj Khalifa and you’ll get a fabulous full view of the Palm Islands.

The Palm Islands



  1. Deira

Deira, the picturesque old Dubai village lies on the Dubai Creek’s northern bank. You’ll see a line of ancient dhows load and unload goods on the creek– these are the same dhows that old smugglers used! Don’t miss out the traditional souks, especially the gold, spice and perfume souks. The gold souk is the largest gold bazaar in the world, not that gold is cheaper there. Walk through the winding streets and take a huge sniff. You’re likely to smell the delicious fragrance of saffron, cumin, paprika, frankincense, saffron, thyme, sumac, fragrant wood, incense and rose water. Don’t miss out on two of Dubai’s restored architectural gems – the 1890 Heritage House and the 1912 Al-Ahmadiya School, which is now a museum.


  1. Dubai Fountain Show And Lake Ride

The world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa is such a magnificent sight that you’ll get a crick in your neck just gazing up at it. But there’s something even more magnificent at the base of this amazing tower – the world’s largest dancing fountain! This incredible fully choreographed fountain has been built on the pristine, 30-acre Burj Lake. The fountain shoots jets of water to a height of 500 feet, which is about as tall as a 50-storey building. At 900 feet long, the fountain is the cynosure of all eyes, especially when water shoots up from its five circles and two central arcs in time to different musical tunes. 6,600 super lights and 25 color projectors create over 1000 different abstract water spectrums. Ride an abra boat on the Burj Lake and you’ll enjoy not only the fountain, but the fantastic sights of Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall and other landmarks along the lake’s coast.

Dubai Fountain Show and Lake Ride

  1. Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo

Imagine walking through transparent acrylic tunnels built underneath the very ocean, through which you come face-to-face with 140 species of sea life!  There’s also a huge suspended tank on the Dubai Mail’s ground floor, which is filled with sharks and stingrays and eels of every description. You can take a tour in a glass-bottomed boat on the top of the tank to be closer to the marine creatures, if you like. You can also indulge in cage snorkeling and shark diving on location via the aquarium’s organizers. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is a top-notch must-do item for both young people and adults.

Dubai aquarium

  1. Burj-Al-Arab

What can we say – the Burj is the only 7-Star hotel in the world, and it’s also the third tallest tower in the world! With 56 floors all designed to accommodate no less than royalty, the Burj is a wealthy person’s dream come true. Consider this – a private butler, breathtaking luxury and pure bliss wherever you turn. Multi-cuisine restaurants, fabulous suites and service of the kind one can only wish for in other hotels.

Burj Al Arab

Book a tea reservation at the Asswan Lounge and enjoy a chance to visit the Burj. The tea is dear at AED 180 per person, but it’s still worth it. The magnificent sail-shaped hotel is an architectural marvel in itself. It’s placement near the Palm Islands makes it even more fantastic. Just imagine the photo opportunities alone! 

Dubai has much more to enchant visitors than its magnificent attractions. The mystical ancient desert has a certain pull that cannot be denied. The beaches are spectacular, both the natural and manmade ones. There’s no end to the water sports either. Add the many fabulous shopping malls, festivals through the year and a never-say-die attitude and you’ll see why a Dubai vacation will be truly memorable


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