Indianapolis: A bustling city of sports and Attractions

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Indianapolis loves to call itself as ‘Amateur Sports Capital of the World’ and there aren’t two opinions regarding this. This one of the major cities in America is fuelled by a passion of sport as one or another sport event keep taking place round the year. Needless to say demand for business class flights to Indianapolis remains high regardless of season. But the emergence of Indianapolis as a sports destination has outshined the tourism potentials of the city which offers a lot to see and do.

Here we are acquainting you with the major tourist attractions situated in and around the city.

 Central Canal

The Central Canal also referred as Indy Canal Walk came into the existence in 1840s when the local state government was making efforts to bring more business to the city. But the plans to construct 296-mile canal couldn’t be realized due to some financial constraints. This unfinished canal is now major tourist attraction in the city. The tourists love to walk by the canal or hire a paddle boat to explore this canal.

 Indianapolis Museum of Art

Those who want to see the art and craft of the region should visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art which is home to 54,000 works that include Neo-impressionists paintings and modern art. The surroundings of the museums are equally beautiful that adds to the excitement of your visit. Adjacent to this museum is a Nature Park spread over an area of 100 Acres which also house a lake. This area is also a popular picnic spot.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall of Fame Museum

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is in existence since 1909. The museum contains 75 cars the museum is also home of a theatre that shows Indy 500 footage. The tourists can indulge in various activities here that include seeing the complex, visiting the museum or choose to go on a grounds tour. The visitors can see the schedule and details at museum official portal.

 Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is an ideal place for family vacationers and those travelling with children.  The museums have everything to pamper your kids. Planetarium, Dinosphere and lookalikes Egyptian tomb, pirate shipwreck and the Terra Cotta Warrior archaeological dig are major attractions here. The museum is spread across five floors and offers a large number of things to see and do.

Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium is one of the most popular stadiums in the city well known for its great sporting culture. The stadium is home to the National Football League’s Indianapolis Colts who are still rejoicing 2007 Super Bowl win.  The most amazing way to see this stadium is to buy a ticket for some game.

 Indianapolis Zoo

The Indianapolis Zoo is a tourists’ favourite as it houses largest shark touch tank pool of the country and those visiting with family will enjoy the experience to the hilt. The zoo has everything you might be looking for. One can see the animal species like bats, tigers, iguanas, warthogs and other animals.

So if you are visiting Indianapolis don’t remain confined to sports only as this city has several attractions to explore.

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Lee keeps boarding business class flight to Indianapolis to watch sport events. Here he tells us that this city has more to offer than just sports.


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