5 Safe Places to Snorkel in Maldives

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Maldives, a terrific beach destination, is an island amidst a circle of some exotic corals and tropical waters. It is needless to say that it is one of the best diving destinations in the world, and anyone who is interested in snorkeling must not shy away from this corner. A Maldives package from India can now fling you into its beautiful warm waters and let you indulge and enjoy!

When it comes to snorkeling, then there are many people who are concerned about safety. Snorkeling is a very safe sport, unlike its cousin scuba diving which can get a bit risky! Besides, the faculties and the trainers at Maldives are of the best in the world and always prioritize safety over anything.

Nevertheless, here are some of the safest places to snorkel in Maldives. If you are snorkeling for the first time, then you can pick up any of these corners and we guarantee that you would live to read our next post:

i. Hukrueli Faru or Rangali Madivaru: It is a very popular diving site which offers a great variety and suits the requirement of every kind of diver. Since the place is a big draw for divers, there are various professionals stationed at this region. Safety features are top-notch and even a first-time diver can have an unrestrained experience.

ii. Kudarah Thila: This site enjoys incoming currents and is hence pretty safe. It is also a region where a variety of underwater fishes and creatures lurk about happily. So, for the purpose of scuba diving or snorkeling, Kudarah Thila has been one of the trump cards of Maldives tourism.

iii. Banana Reef: Banana Reef can be extremely safe site for novices, given that they do not get lured by the colorful underwater life and wade over to greater depths. This reef enjoys a good range with depths as low as 5 meters and as deep as 30 meters. So, amateurs should stick to regions having lower depths and they are likely to survive the sport!

iv. Turtle Point: Many Maldives holiday packages plan a trip to Turtle Point which is one of the best diving spots to ogle at the marine turtles. Though one can venture over to greater depths, first-timers can easily find safety in shallower waters where the depth is just around 5-6 meters.

v. Kuda Haa: Kuda Haa is another diving site recommended for young and old alike. One can feast his eyes on frogfish and flatworms at this corner. It is also relatively safe especially if you dive during conditions of friendly current.

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