Five of the UKs Best Italian Restaurants

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As we continue to expand our preferences with foods, and try all kinds of new new flavours and styles of cuisine, there is often one country whose food is regarded as some of the finest. Italian restaurants and food are as popular as ever across the UK, with Italian cuisine becoming popular in home cooking as well.

Here we have five of the best Italian restaurants, all across the UK. Which one is closest to you? Make sure to check it out!

Bella Cosa–Canary Wharf, London

Based in Canary Wharf, this gem of a restaurant manages to balance having strong Italian roots, while also catering to a variety of interests. They have a Chef’s Isle for a fresh and light-hearted atmosphere, as well as a Craft Beer corner, a Wine Room, and a Fine Dining restaurant.

The sheer variety presented at Bella Cosa puts them up on our list, all while retaining their strong Italian character and values, which are upheld by their head chef, Kentaro Torii. Torii uses his Japanese roots and global experience to bring an exciting element to his Italian dishes.

Cielo – Birmingham

Multiple award winning restaurant Cielo, based in Birmingham’s wonderful Brindleyplace, is a strong contender for the best Italian restaurant around. Charming décor, soft lighting and fine dining are all offered here.

Using the finest ingredients available, they refuse to let anything but top tier food leave their kitchen. They perfectly execute staple Italian meals, and even introduce some of their own exciting, unique dishes.

Don Giovanni – Manchester

Located at the heart of Manchester city centre, Don Giovanni stands to bring the best of Italy, right to Manchester’s front door. Their core principles keep them creating the finest quality food; with all of their ingredients are sourced locally within Greater Manchester, from the most reputable Italian and British producers.

At the heart of their menu is their goal to truly show the beauty of Italian cuisine, and how their Italian dishes are the highest of quality, while being wonderfully fresh.

Contini – Edinburgh

Having undergone a recent renovation, the new-look Contini on George Street has also shifted their menu toward a much more modern and innovative style. Unlike most restaurants with their heavy, hearty and classic dishes, Contini have moved toward the fresher style of Italian cuisine, whilst also holding Scottish selections of ingredients close to heart.

Alongside their new, exciting menu, they also have a sizeable selection of Italian wines and spirits, with unique elements such as the “to-go” price when purchasing a bottle of wine.

La Locanda – Lancashire

While they’re the smallest restaurant on this list, La Locanda is by no means a weak contender. The small, homely and cosy restaurant allows each person to fully have space to relax, enjoy their meal, and for them to be truly catered for and looked after.

Started by Italian couple, Cinzia and Maurizio Bocchi, they bring authentic Italian dishes to the gorgeous Ribble Valley.

Which one (or more!) of these are you going to visit? Make sure if you’re travelling to give this list a look, and see which ones really have you preaching your amore.

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