Unique Facts about India

20 Unique Facts about India that Are Still Rarely Known

What comes to your mind when you hear the name of an Indian country? Wow, chances are that your answer is Bollywood films, or artists like Shahrukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Hritik Roshan, or Pretty zinta.

But in fact, India is one of the most attractive countries in the world.

There are cultures and traditions that always succeed in becoming a magnet attracting tourist visits to the country nicknamed the Continent Child.

Besides that, there are a number of interesting things that can be learned in this country. Here we summarized the unique facts about India from the Bright Side page. Come read the following row.

1. There are 6 seasons in India

According to the Hindu calendar, there are 6 seasons in India: summer, autumn, winter, spring, rainy season and winter nights.

2. Agree to agree

Instead of nodding his head, Indians shook their heads from side to side to express ‘yes’ or ‘agree’ answers.

3. The largest vegetarian country in the world

Vegetarianism is one of the traditional characteristics of Hinduism, and that is why almost 60% of Indians are vegetarian.  India also has the lowest percentage in terms of meat consumption per capita

4. India is the largest English-speaking country in the world

There are two official languages ​​in India: Hindi and English. Moreover, the government received 17 other languages. There are 1,650 different dialects that can be found throughout the country.

5. Polluted air

There are air pollution problems in all major cities in India, and car exhausts cause smoke and difficulty breathing among people and tourists alike.

One day breathing in Delhi or Mumbai is the same as smoking 100 cigarettes.

6. All the majority religions in the world can be found in India

Even though 80 percent of Indians are Hinduism followers, this country covers all religions in the world.

You can meet Christians, Judaism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam and other religions there.

7. The largest family in the world lives in India

Families with the most members in the world live in India.

There is a man who has 39 wives and 94 children.

8. Children’s Day

Children’s Day is celebrated in India on November 14, exactly 9 months after Valentine’s Day.

9. The police are paid based on his mustache

Indian police officers are given a salary bonus if they keep a mustache.

Because the mustache can make a man seem more respected and look manly.

What’s more, a mustache is an important part of the tradition of Indian society.

10. Indian currency

Foreigners are prohibited from carrying local currency (rupees) when leaving India.

11. Cows must have an identity card

In West Bengal, a state in India, every cow must have an identity card complete with photographs.

12. India is a spice country

70 percent of all spices provided for the world market are produced in India.

13. Population

At present, India’s population is close to 1.5 billion.

Higher numbers than elsewhere in the western hemisphere.

According to the United Nations, India’s population will soon be able to defeat China’s population.

14. Divorce

Only 1 in 100 marriages in India ends in divorce.

India is a country that has the lowest number of divorce cases in the world.

15. “Love Commandos” or Love Command

In India there is a group called Love Commandos.

This group supports couples from different castes and experiences pressure from the community.

16. Unique ways to use carbonated drinks

In India, farmers use Pepsi and Coca-Cola for their crops, not expensive pesticides.

17. Women can be very rich

Housewives in India have 11 percent of the world’s gold. This amount is far more than the combined total amount of gold owned by the United States, Switzerland, Germany and the IMF.

18. Refusing civilization

Sentinel Island is under the authority of the Indian government. This island is a territory which until now is still untouched by modern human civilization.

19. Word Luxurious Train

The luxury train Maharajas express in India is the most luxurious train in the world. This gives way to explore the Indian landscapes from a luxury train that will take your breath away.

20. Origin of a Chess game

India is the country of origin of chess.

The game’s original name is Chaturangga, which means “4 army divisions” (i.e. elephants, trains, cavalry and infantry).

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