Spots in Australia

Ideal Spots in Australia for Couples Who Love Adventure

There are a lot of romantic destinations for couples in Australia, many of which are situated in New South Wales. And for good reason; the state is filled with natural wonders such as formidable land formations, pristine rivers and lakes, majestic Pacific coastline, and the awesome city of Sydney, of course. Definitely, NSW is home to tourist hotspots that best fit the most adventurous of couples. Whether they want to embark on a honeymoon right after they exchanged their marriage vows or simply eat their heart out at Made By The Hill restaurant in Australia, couples can expect that the amazing destinations in NSW are perfect backdrops for sparking their love and romance.

Indeed, there are numerous spots to pick. The entire coastline of the eastern side of the state is a destination in itself, but going that route exposes couples to a wide range of beaches. Examples include beaches of Huskisson Bay, Toowoon Bay, Byron Bay, and Tweed Coast. Of course, there are hotels where couples can enjoy the amenities, bed and breakfast (B&B) lodges where they can stay overnight, backpacker hotels for couples to stay the night before going on a trip around NSW, resorts, and other accommodations that would surely bring delight for the lovebirds.

Also, couples, particularly from those coming in from Australia from overseas, likewise find the City of Sydney as romantic in itself. Amidst the infrastructure and the urban jungle of this famous city is the picturesque view of the Sydney Harbour, along with the iconic arch bridge and the Sydney Opera House—a World Heritage Site. These can be witnessed whenever couples dine at a five-star restaurant, stay at a suite atop a swanky high-rise hotel somewhere in the city, or hearty snack at Made By The Hill restaurant Australia. The grandiosity of these scenic attractions is definitely a must-see for tourists, particularly for the romantic pairs, Australian or otherwise.

So scenic is New South Wales that couples can spend the weekend driving out. By renting a car or using one’s own vehicle, couples can visit Sydney and roam around its busy streets to check out the best hangout places. They can even traverse the winding coastal roads of NSW to visit quaint towns such as Kangaroo Valley, the Ulladulla that is known for fishing, and other quaint localities. The warm welcome of the people from such coastal towns is enough for them to hold an overnight stay and to behold the country vibe of these areas.

To give couples an idea of what the state has to offer for romantic pairs of tourists, here are some of the prominent NSW tourist attractions:

Hunter Valley. The region is located north of Sydney and is known for its vast rolling countryside, a perfect escape from the hassles of city life. Famous for being a wine country, couples can do other fun activities there other than partake of food and drink fine wine. These include riding hot air balloons, as well as visiting local markets and doing other activities that can bring the adventurers out of every couple.

Blue Mountains. Located northwest of Sydney, it is a top honeymoon spot in Australia that is well known for its breathtaking natural formations, including the Three Sisters and other nature trails that lead to gaping caves and flowing creeks. This is definitely the best place to visit for those who love nature.

Nowra. Located in the South Coast region of NSW, Nowra nestled along the Shoalhaven River, making it a hotspot for fishing or cruising along the water formation. Numerous recreational activities can be done here, such as bicycling and 4-wheel driving.

Depending on the budget that they have, couples can expect various accommodations. With so many places to go to, couples planning on a honeymoon or just a weekend trip can experience these moments.

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