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Viral Videos and France Tourism Businesses

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When video sharing on the web became a staple part of anybody’s online experience, marketers have found a way to take advantage of the trend. Many companies have experience marketing success by effectively using videos online. The good about video marketing is that possibly any type of company can take advantage of it.

Tourism industry is one of the early subscribers of video marketing. Since videos can easily portray the marketers’ pitch to audience by showing them stunning images, the industry has took advantage of it. If you are wondering if your France tours business can make use of video marketing for your benefit, this article will shed some light on your questions and doubts.

Many social media experts say that there is no scientific formula to going viral online. Some say it is just pure luck why certain stories, videos, and photos go viral on the World Wide Web, while others think there are rigorous steps one could follow to make it big online. So, what’s the real score? Quite frankly, knowing whether or not there is a recipe for ‘virality’ is still a mystery.

In the past several years, viral videos and photos have become uncommon in the cyberspace. Many funny, serious, inspiring, devastating, and tragic videos surfaced on the web, engaging public to create discussions, make comments, and formulate their own opinions. Some of the good examples of viral videos include the hit music videos of Korean pop singer Psy. His songs ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Gentleman’ received millions of hits on YouTube, making them among the most viewed videos on the site’s history.

Not all viral videos are funny and light-hearted as some feature serious tone and devastating or tragic life situations. The 2011 Japan tsunami was caught on video by many Japanese; these videos were uploaded on the net, engaging millions of people to watch the horrifying devastation of the tsunami that killed thousands of Japanese people. There are dozens of other viral videos that present disturbing life situations. Some of these videos ignited the public’s uproar on certain sensitive topics, brining in some changes in the society. Obviously, the power of viral videos is something larger than the World Wide Web as it inspires change and improvement in many aspects of the society.

Videos are not the ones going viral these days as photos do as well. With the popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Reddit, many photos have gained so much attention from the public. Inspirational photos, funny photo memes, tragic photos, and dramatic ones have gained popularity in recent years. Because of this growing trend, businesses have found potential in photos as social media marketing tools. Many businesses have joined the bandwagon of posting viral photos in hopes of getting more followers. Some of the companies have been using photos to cement their credibility and online presence on social media sites, gaining the attention of the public. As it is, companies that want to make it big online should consider joining the social media bandwagon.

If you are planning to use viral videos and photos for your France tours business’ sake, then you should consider certain things before doings so. Photography is one of the factors that should be strongly considered when posting viral photos. A good photo is likely to get the attention of social media users. Hiring professional photographers for your company’s viral photo campaign is not enough though as you should also invest on people who are expert in social media marketing. By assigning a person to take care of your business’ social media chore, you are promoting smoother and better flow of communication. With this, the ‘virality’ of your photos is likely to happen in no time.

It is important to choose the photos that your team will post online so that your brand or business will not suffer consequences. The rule of thumb in posting photos on the Internet is to always be sensitive, making sure that no one will be offended with your photos, otherwise, your company will get the flak it doesn’t deserve.


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