Delhi tourism – an opportunity to relish the best of both worlds

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Interesting theme cafe and bars, numerous iconic monuments, swanky shopping malls, theaters and art centres. All are the major allures of Delhi that bring large hordes of tourists and backpackers to the city. If you haven’t visited the city yet, go ahead and book the flight/train tickets and get busy in exploring the quaint and bustling city.


Delhi the capital city of India, on first glance may seem a bustling, busy city, where everyone is all about their business. Full of moody people, swanky shopping malls, numerous old monuments, of which some are amongst the most iconic ones, a complex network of roads, theme parks and restaurants, and some highly popular nightclubs and bars that represent the rapidly changing lifestyle of the people – the ritz and glamour of the Delhi have indeed lured thousands of backpackers over the decades. It is one of the most important centres of tourism in the country and receives tourist footfalls throughout the year. Apart from hosting a plethora of tourist attractions from the two different worlds, viz. the ancient era and the contemporary 21st century, the city is also a major transit point to some of the most popular tourist destinations in India, including the city of Agra, where exist three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, of which Taj Mahal is one that prevails. Individuals who are on a Delhi holiday are advised to hire a taxi from Delhi to Agra and reach the old yet modern city and explore and experience the attractions and allures of the city. Delhi, along with Agra and Jaipur forms the highly popular Golden Triangle circuit of India tourism, which is a comprehensive tour of the three oldest and iconic cities on Indian mainland.


For centuries Delhi continued to remain the most significant seat of power. Starting from its erstwhile stage, it had been the battleground between different kingdoms and empires. The fact that the city was built, raided, destroyed, and rebuilt multiple times fascinates history enthusiasts from far and wide. The city is dotted with numerous monuments and citadels that the rulers in the past left as the remnants. There is certainly a nostalgic charm that resides in the old structures, relishing which is simply worth. From the numerous tombs to very old temples to Old Delhi, which is a large open-air gallery of monuments and crumbling buildings, there are numerous references from the past, that the city brings to the table.

However, history is just one of the different facets of the city. A traveler in Delhi is also expected to relish the allures and glamours of the modernized city. For the foodfellas, being in the city is a rewarding opportunity to enjoy a gastronomic holiday experience. With several international food chains adding up to the list along with some very old ethnic restaurants that are running since the time much before the independence of the country, the city is full of great dining options. Whether, it is the mouthwatering street-food or the gourmet savories from across the globe, from authentic Sushi to popular Mexican tacos, there is a whole wide pallet of savories to have a feast of.

Being able to access the city without much of difficulties is one of the major advantages that Delhi has. While, flights from Kochi to Delhi, Mumbai to Delhi, Bangalore to Delhi, etc., are some of the busiest flight routes, there also exist flights that are today connecting Delhi to small cities.


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