In a Beachy Affair with Chennai

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The limitless territory of the shorelines of Chennai is essentially executioner to look at clearly. This beachy city in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu has the right mix of components that make up for a perfect lackadaisical excursion. The shorelines, the general population, the enticing dusk scenes, and a heap of neoclassical structures, make this city of Chennai an explorer’s fitting offer for a deep and lively stay. Come, examine the finest shorelines of Chennai, for that unrestrained recreational trip.


The city of Chennai not just has a bunch of neoclassical reminiscences and a clamoring city life, but additionally has a large number of beaches to quiet and mitigate the throbbing nerves of the city individuals when they are all finished with their vigorous lives. For voyagers to Chennai, these beaches are a good to beat all the stress. So on the next trip to Chennai, look at these beaches for an upbeat retreat.

1. Marina Beach

Seeing kids flying kites, spiritualists, food stalls and energetic families welcoming the cool sea breeze, make for an amazing spot to contribute to that vitality. The recently opened Marina Lighthouse towards the southern end of the beach licenses one to elevate up by method of a lift and offers spectacular views of the city and the sea. A portion of the best hotels in Chennai can be spotted here, which make it less complex for guests to visit this staggering spot as and when they please.

Marina Beach

2. Elliot Beach

The cleanest shoreline in Chennai, the Elliot Beach is found towards the south of Marina Beach. The beach has a shocking visual engage and is a perfect spot in the city to laze around on a Sunday evening or when on a relaxation trip. Generally known as “Bessei” by the locals, the Elliot Beach is at a walkable distance from the Marina Beach.

Elliot Beach

3. Covelong Beach

The Covelong Beach is the finest and the most mainstream shoreline in Chennai, after Marina Beach. This shoreline was an imperative port of the Nawabs of the Carnatic in the sixteenth century and is in a perfect world situated on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, 40 km from the city of Chennai. The white sand, the haven of the towering palm trees, and the shocking viewpoints of the skyline make for a commendable setup to sedate the psyche and soul. Covelong Beach is typically not exceptionally swarmed, and is frequented generally by water sports aficionados, since this shoreline offers some exciting water games, for example, wind surfing, swimming, and so forth. Likewise situated on this shoreline is a spooky looking destroyed Catholic Church that resembles an old Dutch Fort in remnants.

Covelong Beach

In this way, if arranging a trek to Chennai, then a visit to these beaches will definitely be justified regardless of the time and exertion taken. Make utilization of online travel portals for lodging, or flight booking. These sites have made it a cakewalk to sort out a get-away while sitting in the solace of your home. Case in point, Chennai to New Delhi flights should be enquired about, then basically sort in your inquiry, and pop, turns out the outcome! Have a merry trip!


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