Things to Watch in Rajasthan

5 Things to Watch in Rajasthan

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‘’You can take out King from a Kingdom, but can’t take out the Kingship from a King’’. Rajasthan, formerly known as ‘Rajputana’ or the ‘land of the kings’ is the largest state of India. It is a sheer treasure of culture with royalty and humbleness. The region is full of forts, monuments, famous temples and of course the Thar Desert. There is something magical in every corner of Rajasthan, which gives the utmost satisfaction to your heart after witnessing the magnificent monuments and structures.

So, let me tell you some places you should add and visit in your Rajasthan Tour Package.


Start your tour from the beautiful ‘Pink city’ Jaipur, also the capital of Rajasthan. The city was founded by the ruler of Amer in 1727. Jaipur has lot to offer for tourist within very vast area. It is full of monuments like ‘Hawa Mahal’, ‘Paani Mahal’ which has wonderful sight to witness. Also, do visit the Amer fort which has unique places inside to look out. You can also enjoy marketing here and buy some good pottery items or leather stuffs.


Golden city of the Rajasthan, which is situated at the heart of Thar Desert, it is Jaisalmer. It was founded by the King ‘Maharawal Jaisal Singh’ in 1156 AD. The city is very popular and attracts tourist through its magnificent architecture. Famous Jaisalmer fort stores deep culture in its heart and houses old museum inside, also you can’t afford to miss camel safari here. It has various Havelis with enormous structure and beautiful interior which is must see here.


In my opinion this city is one most iconic beauty in the world. Udaipur, the “city of lakes”, once was the capital of Mewar kingdom. Situated at the bottom of Aravalli hills, it has picturesque environment in every direction. The Jain temple of Ranekpur and Fateh Bagh Palace is a major tourist spot. You can have a boat ride in the lake alongside the beautiful and famous resorts.

It is the second largest city in terms of area and also in terms of population in Rajasthan. The city was founded by ‘Rathore Rajput ruler’ in 1459. Due to its high temperature all year along it is also called ‘Sun city’. The major tourist destination here is the fortress on the top of the city, where you can witness a landscape view of the historical city. Also,‘Umaid Bhawan’ palace, which is partially a heritage hotel now.


The holy city falls in the Ajmer district, near Jaipur. This city holds very important place in our mythology. First of all it is located on the bank of ‘Pushkar Lake’ which said to be formed through the tears of Lord Shiva. It also has a very famous temple of Lord Brahma who is said to be the constructor of the world. The annual Camel fair organised here is very famous and also the major attraction of the tourist.


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