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Make your trip to heavenly Kasol this long weekend

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Kasol is a serene village town in the Parvati Valley. During winters, this place is a snow-laden haven for the ultimate travelers as the sense of adventure goes up with the temperature hitting a sub-zero level. Read on to know more.

A sleepy hamlet inspiring a languid mood under its serene canopy of picturesqueness is what Kasol is. The whole town up in the Himachal seems draped in a singular color as if it was the dictum of nature to get the houses washed a clean white. Kasol, certainly, is an enchanting experience in itself. Kasol is one of the favorite weekend getaways from Delhi. With the long weekends coming up, if you hit the road on a New Delhi to Kasol taxi today,


it would take you around 12-14 hours to reach this beautiful town. But wait, it is December and winter is here. it is going to be freezing cold out there with temperature dropping down below the zero at the strike of night. So, before you head to this place, make sure you have all your winter clothing in place. Kasol, the land of trance, is a small village town which spawns through a radius of a mere 5 km in total. It is situated in the Parvati Valley. The area receives a lot of snowfall during the peak winters and probably that is why you wish to visit this place in the first place, isn’t it so?

As soon as you reach the place, order a cup of tea or coffee or a bowl of soup. It would spur you up. Go out of your hotel room and check-in at the German Bakery if you want. A quick bite is certainly good for your hunger pangs after a long journey. What you need to know about this place is that here you would find a great many varieties of cakes. There’s a kiosk in place that exclusively sells cakes. You might like to hurry up for your order as most of the items are finished by the early afternoon and rest by the fall of the dusk. Explore the place around with as much time you have and it goes without saying that Kasol, the backpackers paradise, would get your admiration at the very first sight. Dining with the moons and stars would just make your day!


One adventure that you can engage in during your Kasol trip is the trekking from Kasol to Manikaran. Manikaran which falls between Beas and Parvati rivers is at a distance of about 6 km from Kasol when you trek through the mountains. It is wise not to go for this trek with this cold weather if you are not good at it. But it is admissible that walking along the cliff as the river Parvati flows below is a beauty to behold and makes the trek absolutely worth it. On the whole trek course, you would find mall huts here and there. The people staying in these huts are the locals who are agile and friendly. They know the locales well and you can ask them for directions and other assistance that you might need. While trekking, you have to be careful of the rocks as well. About 5 hours later you would be at Manikaran.

Manikaran has some nice dhabas where you can have some palatable food. There is a Gurudwara at Manikaran which you might want to visit. You can also find some hot water springs where you would find some respite from the utter cold. Shiva Cafe, which is frequented by the Israelis a lot, is a nice hangout place to explore. You would be glad to find some good scotch and other beverages to counter the lowering temperature. You can further explore the Tosh village on this trip. This is the village where the roads end.


From there on, you would have to rely on your foot as the path ahead and around is not motorable. Tosh is an ideal village to find in the midst of the lush hills of Parvati Valley. In Tosh, you would find schools, doctors clinic, etc. Step farming is quite popular here. There is the famous Pink Floyd Cafe all the way to the top of the village, which you eventually would have to climb up. This is the only cafe that remains open during the harsh winters. Around the village in Tosh is the Miss Dolly’s Bread and Breakfast where you can have maggi and tea and stay in for as long as you want. Snow around about the hills, a small village at its charming best, winter jackets, hand gloves, and time on your hand – isn’t it exactly what you would call the true joy of a traveler. Plan a trip to the heavenly Kasol and see for yourself. Catch up with your friends and board a New Delhi to Kasol taxi today!


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