Tunnel No. 33 in Shimla

The Tunnel No. 33 in Shimla – Thrills that would leave you stunned

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If you’re really interested in experiencing the paranormal, then find some good Delhi to Shimla Manali taxi service, because after the scare chills that’s described below, it will surely prompt you to travel to someplace calmer. Faring a great score on the spooky meter, the Tunnel No. 33 of Shimla-Kalka rail service is considered to be spirited, and several apparition sightings by the locals claim the myth to be true. Know more about it here.

The attractiveness of Shimla is absolutely mesmerizing. No wonder it’s the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’ as well as a favorite tourist destination. While there are a lot of things to do in Shimla, there are few which are not recommended. One of them being – not visiting the Tunnel no. 33 of Shimla railway. Among the longest tunnels is on the Shimla-Kalka route that continues for over two minutes and is darn straight, it lands you at Barog railway station as you leave the tunnel. There are also stories about the tunnel, while it is a distinctive encounter. Normal recommendation would be to hire a Delhi to Shimla taxi service, because after that you’d feel like going to somewhere exotic.

Tunnel is named after Colonel Barog who’s also considered to frequent the area. In 1898 was given the task of building a tunnel in this area and get the business done in a stipulated time. He ordered laborers to begin drilling holes in the mountain from both the ends so they could meet in the middle and complete the job in time and did several computations. Alas, he’d miscalculated and after drilling holes and digging till the heart of the mountain, the laborers from different ends didn’t meet in the center. As a result of colonel’s folly, he also fined by the authorities and was fired from the occupation. The workers also were angry with him for his error. This actually depressed him and he felt utterly humiliated.

It’s said that one night on a walk with his pet dog, Colonel Barog shot himself out of his distress. His master had passed away, while the dog attempted to get people’s focus seeing his master bleed, by the time the dog could get any help. Barog was buried outside the tunnel that was incomplete to pay court to his work. But locals consider he never left the area. The tunnel still haunts.

After his passing, the occupation of completing the tunnel was given to HS Herlington who was the chief engineer and he with help from Baba Bhalku who was a local st, after confronting similar problems of locating its heart finished the tunnel. The tunnel transferred one kilometer away from its first place and got the job done. But now, folks say Colonel Barog pays a trip to the tunnel. He chats with folks who are not aware of his existence but people who understand who he’s get spooked out. He’s also seen there and then vanishes after some time. The authorities attempted sealing the tunnel that was incomplete but every time the lock was broken. Nevertheless, his spirit is considered to be friendly and benign who will not trouble anyone. However, the reality he is still around after being dead leaves us feeling spooky. If you’ve got the guts, then the Delhi to Shimla distance is hardly 7-8 hours, covering which won’t be a big task.


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