Distinct Types of Railway stations in India

6 Distinct Types of Railway stations in India

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When you talk about trains, do you ever consider the railway stations? Just imagine if there were no railway stations? It would have been a strange scenario right? Well, there are many trains in India and so is the count of railway stations. You can find plenty of railway stations and trains in the country that are absolutely worth knowing.

Since you know much about different things like PNR number, seat availability services, train food delivery and so on; it would be interesting to expand your knowledge about railway stations too. Everybody knows about the trains they are traveling by, but do they know about the railway stations they cross? Well, don’t worry and have a look below for stretching your knowledge about railway stations.

New Delhi Railway Station

Speaking of New Delhi Railway Station, it is second hugest and busiest railway station in India. The station manages more than three hundred fifty trains and five hundred thousand passengers on regular basis with sixteen platforms.  The station also has the record for hugest route interlocking system in the entire world. There is rarely an instance when you find less rush on these platforms.

Howrah Junction Railway Station

 Howrah Railway Station is full of liveliness and   action.  It is always vivacious in terms of passenger volume. You can find a great rush every single day. Similarly there are 23 platforms in this station that have been catering more than a million passengers.  Howrah Junction also has the hugest number of railway platforms in the country and it is considered one of the fullest railway platforms as well.

Allahabad Junction Railway Station

It is not to be missed that Allahabad Junction Railway Station is second busiest railway station in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The station is amidst the top hundred booking railway stations of Indian Railway. Maximum of the fastest running trains in the country like Duronto Express and Rajdhani Express   go through this railway station.

Vijayawada Junction Railway Station

Vijayawada Junction Railway Station is one of the top five busiest railway junctions in Indian Railways. The station has more than four hundred freight and passenger trains. The Vijayawada railway station is believed to be as an A-1 station in India. Similarly, the station is also one of ten model stations in the zone of Vijayawada division.

Kanpur Central Railway Station

It is the railway station that is also one of the most happening stations of North Central Railways.  The station has more than two hundred eighty trains every single day.  The station also possesses a record for hugest interlocking route system in the world along with Delhi station and it is one of the five Central railway stations in the nation.

Patna Junction Railway Station

This railway station is one of the action-packed rail routes in India. The station lies between New Delhi and Kolkata. Patna Junction is properly connected to the most of the chief Indian cities through railway network. It is a prominent station of East Central Railways.

So, since you know so much about these six railway stations of India, next time when you happen to drop there; you would definitely feel much acquainted.


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