Attractions beyond beaches and churches in Goa

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Most places are endowed with the beauty of nature and many of these places have been converted into tourist spots changing the entire economy of the region. One particular state that grosses its maximum revenue from tourism would be Goa. Goa tourism is as old as the formation of the state in itself. Even before that, the place had been one of the vacation spots of the colonists. After independence, many changes were made including renovations to certain monuments thereby increasing the number of places to visit in Goa. However, the popular myth that anyone visiting Goa can only experience the beaches and churches has been debunked by the fact that tourist income is being generated by many other important sources.

Though, it can’t be denied that the beaches are the most popular spots, it is also true that that there are numerous other attractions spanning genres as diverse as historical sightseeing attractions, eating out at wonderful places, and enjoying the nightlife. In short, there is just no dearth of places to visit in Goa. Here is a look at just a couple of other slightly offbeat attractions from the ‘Pearl of the Orient’.


Though we consider this state as a major entertainment center, the trade ports were the predominant reason for the occupation and usage of this coastal region. For instance, it is a lesser-known fact that the town of Goa Velha, which is in Ilhas and should not be confused with Old Goa, is the site of the ancient port of ‘Govapuri’, which the Kadamba Dynasty founded in 11th century. However, the main port of Goa is in the city of Mormugao, which is also regarded as one of the best natural harbors. For those who have never seen a port, this is definitely one of the places to visit in Goa.


One example is the Chapora Fort, a stone and mortar structure overlooking the bay, which was built by Adil Shah, the Sultan of Bijapur. The original structure however, is almost not visible or accessible. What we can see is the watch post and the high tide wall built by the Portuguese during the span of occupation of this place from 1612 to 1892 AD. Like many other places to visit in Goa the structure is now open to tourists and has become one of the top five attractions of Goa. This location has been extensively used in movies thereby making it interesting for the common populace while researchers, travel historians and info tourism visitors are dumbfounded by the four centuries of history that this fort has seen and retells by its unique appearance.

The best part of this spot would be the slightly curved wall facing the waves and shoreline where one can sit and watch the sea or conduct great photo sessions with loved ones, thus living an integral part of Goa tourism experience. Either way this fort is sure to make a poet out of a common man and a researcher out of a learner with its appeal in beauty and mystery.


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