Experience the Ethreal Beauty of Darjeeling and Nainital

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If you’re really worked up and feel like escaping from the ever so stressful and polluted atmosphere of the metropolitan city, then you should plan an expedition to Darjeeling. This place will undeniably transform your complexities into rejuvenators.

The moment you breathe-in the pure and fresh air, something you don’t get in cities, you’ll be compelled to postpone your vacation in Darjeeling. Located amidst gigantic and magnificent mountain ranges of about 2500 meters above the sea level, Darjeeling is aptly referred to as the “Queen of the Hills”.


The priceless views of sunrise and sunset accompanied with the snow-white mountains at the background will indeed keep you hooked.

The big pine trees cover the lofty peaks and add to the ethereal serenity of this place. One thing that has been associated with Darjeeling’s beauty are the exotic tea gardens. Greenery all over and tea gardens lined up one after the other are really eye-pleasing. Being one of the finest tea leaves producer across the globe, Darjeeling has successfully managed to seize global attention. You can also enjoy the serene environ of the numerous great temples and monasteries that dot this region. The enthralling scenic beauty and amiable people with hospitable nature has added to the benefits of Darjeeling tourism and moreover this region has everything to please its vacationers.

About Nainital
Nainital, in Uttarakhand is dotted with countless mesmerizing tourist spots and every year more than 2 lakh people visit this magnificent land to enjoy privileges of witnessing nature at its best. Nainital is also connoted as the “Switzerland of India”.

While planning an expedition to Nainital, there are certain points that once must take care of to ensure that the entire tour is a memorable one.

1. Make it a point to gather basic information about the places that you plan to visit and also gain a thorough understanding about the travel modes available in those places. There are few places where entry is prohibited after sunset so check the timings prior to your visit.

2. Unlike other places, you do not really need to carry cash while travelling to Nainital. ATM machines are mounted all over the roads of Nainital. You can withdraw cash as per your requirements.

3. Needless to say, if you are travelling by road, drive super-cautiously. Driving on hilly roads requires high level of attention and precision, particularly while taking turns. In case you are not really confident in driving, we’d recommend you to hire a professional driver. This allows you to kick back, relax and spend your time enjoying the en-route beauty and the privileges of ultra-comforts of a chauffeur-driven travel experience.

4. Being a hilly location, temperature constantly fluctuates so take your warm clothes with you. Wind-cheaters are a good option because it will safeguard you against unexpected down-pours.

5. If you pre-planned a visit to any of the lakes, do wear life jackets. Read the instructions written on the Safety Bill-boards mounted all-round the holidaymaker places. Doing so will familiarize you about the dos and don’ts on a lake side and will eventually help in making your trip much more pleasant.


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