Fly to Qinghai Province

Fly to Qinghai Province: 3 Ideal Spots for Wildlife Photography

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Is photography your favorite hobby since you were in your teens? Did you always aspire to become a professional wildlife photographer? If yes, then how about gifting yourself an SLR and trying your hands on photography? Sounds good, isn’t it? And, since you have a thing for wildlife photography, it’ll be great if you book a photography tour and travel to a spot that is situated in the laps of Mother Nature. Thinking, which could be the ideal spot for trying your hands on wildlife photography? Well, if you ask me or want my suggestions, then I would say, please pay a visit to Qinghai province of China.

Being a professional photographer, I have visited numerous forest regions and grasslands to click pictures of wild animals, birds and the overall landscape. But trust me, I really never came across a place which has the perfect blend of beauty and serenity like the Qinghai province. So, if you really want to evoke the shutterbug in you and click amazing pictures of various flora and fauna, then book a photography tour package to this amazing province of China immediately.

Know More about the Qinghai Province

Want to know more about this region? Then, keep reading.

  1. Largest Snow Leopard Population: From Himachal Pradesh to Ladakh, snow leopards are found at quite a few exotic places. But, none of these places could beat the Qinghai plateau region when it comes to the population of snow leopards. Yes, that’s right! This region is the home to several snow leopards. Hence, if you are really eager to learn the art of wildlife photography and click amazing pictures of this endangered species, then book a Snow Leopard Photography tour now! 

However, don’t think that you’ll only find snow leopards in this region. Here’s a list of other animals that you can find in this picturesque plateau:

  • Brown bears
  • Wolves
  • Lynx,
  • Blue sheep
  • Argali sheep
  • Tibetan gazelle
  • Tibetan woolly hares
  • Himalayan marmots
  • Black-lipped pika and much more.
  1. Hoh Xil Nature Reserve: Who said that you’ll get to see wild animals only at the high-altitude regions of this plateau? You can also visit the Hoh Xil nature reserve to come across a wide variety of fauna and click pictures. This nature reserve is situated along the Qinghai-Tibet highway, which is perhaps the highest highway in the world. So, I’m sure you would feel amazing while traveling through this highway and check out nature and wildlife.
  1. Best Tourist Spot for Birding: Yes, you read that right! Qinghai has been able to make it to the ‘top 10 best birding destinations’ in the world. So, if you want to capture a wide variety of bird species through your camera, then this is definitely the ideal spot for you. One of the best places in this province, where you can come across a wide variety of birds is none other than the Qinghai Lake- the largest saltwater lake in China.

So, these were some of the places in Qinghai, which are ideal for wildlife photography. If you want to know more about photography tours or even Chengdu panda tour, keep following my articles. 

Author Bio: Bella Zhang is a professional snow leopard photography tour guide. She has written several articles on wildlife photography and Chengdu panda tour. So, to get useful information on photography or panda tours, follow her articles.


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