How Goa Tourism Indulges Shopaholics

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Shopping is often overlooked when one talks about Goa tourism but the fact of the matter is that shopping does play its own limited but indispensable role. Shopping is of course not the the top attraction in Goa. However, it does make a fabulous add on to your beach hopping, nightlife indulgences, eating out, and sightseeing. It is not just about the goodies you buy, it’s more about experiencing the colourful character of shopping in Goa. One thing is for certain that Goa shopping will definitely prove to be a refreshing break from visiting the same old big city malls. Take a look at some piping hot shopping haunts in Goa.

Anjuna Flea Market

If the topic is ‘shopping in Goa’, you simply cannot do without mentioning this legendary flea market. This market owes its origins to the hippies who used this place for exchanging their good with others by way of barter system. From those days, the market has come a very long way. It is held every Wednesday and has attained something of a cult status. Today, you can find things as obscure as trinkets and earrings here, as well as things as big as used Royal Enfield motorcycles. Amongst the numerous hot selling souvenirs here, handmade lamps remain one of the most sought after collectibles.

Mapusa Market

Well, this one is yet another highly famous shopping haunt from Goa Tourism. The market is located in a place called Mapusa. The word has been derived from two Konkani words, ‘Map’ and ‘Sa’. Map means means measure and Sa means fill up. With the exception of Sundays, the market opens every day but is at its most colourful and bustling best on Friday mornings. This market is so famous that vendors from other states also come here to display their wares. Bargain hunters are in for lots of happy surprises here as many of the things cost unbelievably less than what most of the boutique shops in hotels charge one for the same stuff.

Star Magic Shop

Want to try out a little bit of unconventional shopping in Goa? Head to one of the centres of Star Magic Shop. As the name suggests, it is of special interest for the ones who are fascinated by magic. In fact, if you have always nursed a secret desire to be a magician, this is the chance for you. The Star Magic Shop sells various props and other paraphernalia used in magic shows. The best part is that you even get to learn some awesome magic treats. So, get ready to play the conjurer.

Glastonbury Street

The Glastonbury Street, named so by the Britons, has also done its fine share for the shopping charm of Goa tourism. This place is especially a treat for bargain hunters and the ones with a fetish for souvenir shopping. There are dozens of small little stalls and shops crammed full of irresistible souvenirs here. In short, you will lose yourself in a world of elaborate designs, mirrorworks, embroideries, embellishments, bongs, bidis, bindis, and beaded patterns when you visit Glastonbury Street. In fact, shopping in Goa is not really complete without visiting Glastonbury Street.


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