Beautiful Spots to Enjoy In Udaipur

Top 5 Beautiful Spots to Enjoy In Udaipur

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This is the Venice of North India. Udaipur, very famously called as the City of Lakes is a grand architectural paradise. In the past, kings visited Udaipur for spending romantic vacation with their special ones. The scenic natural beauty of the land and the exclusive culture of the Rajput make the place, the best spot for honeymoon vacation even today.

City Palace

This 16th century palace is quite famous for architectural sightseeing, historic exploration and photography. Built by Udai Mirza on the banks of River Pichola, it stands today as the most important romantic spot of the land. This palace complex contains 11 palaces with courtyards, terraces, hanging gardens, pavilion and others, which were built during different centuries. The décor of the place is still maintained with antiques, paintings and others. Visit the City Palace Museum for spotting historic artifacts.

Lake Pichola and Lake Palace

This Lake Palace is located right in the middle of the lake. The first two floors of the palace will be filled with water, under the lake. The palace can be accessed only via a boat ride on the Lake Pichola. Sunset boat ride on the lake is an important romantic attraction. The palace was built in 18th century and today it is a luxury hotel under Taj groups. This hotel has been shown in movies for its aesthetic beauty.

Vintage car museum

Do you want a something different experience in Udaipur? Choose to explore the Udaipur king’s collection of vintage cars. This museum holds many luxury vintage cars in display. There is a palace garden hotel to enjoy traditional cuisine of the land.

Bagoreki Haveli

This 18th century haveli is quality famous for being the residence of Chief Minister of Mewar court. Today, the haveli has been turned into a museum for representing the architecture of ancient times. They have even preserved the décor of the place such as copper vessels, hand fans, jewelry boxes and so on. This building has more than 100 rooms for tourists to explore. During evening, a local theatre show is conducted along with puppetry show.

Saheliyonki Bari

This grand garden was gifted by King Sangram Singh to his wife and her maids. The king built this garden keeping in mind to create a place for his wife to rest and relax with here 48 maids. Today, you can enjoy a romantic walk through gardens, visit the small museum inside the garden and dine in the authentic restaurant of the place. This is the right spot to escape for the hustle of metro life of Udaipur and enter a sepia mode.

Apart from these, there are numerous historic structures, which were built by kings to boost the beauty of the land. The best way to explore Udaipur and other exclusive destinations of Rajasthan is by luxury train Palace on Wheels trains, Maharaja Express and Deccan Odyssey others.


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