Unique Japan Tours must Visit on this Weekend

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It is no secret that Japan is full of history and culture. Whether you are visiting Japan for the first time or the 50th time, you can discover something new and exciting. Japan is known for its pop culture, technology, and great food. If you are looking for something unique and unforgettable for your trips to Japan, check out these hot spots below.

Hot Springs

Due to the mountainous regions, Japan is home to several natural hot springs. Throughout mainland Japan, you can visit a number of luxurious hot springs. Many of the hot springs have been converted to resorts and hotels to offer guests the ultimate relaxing getaway. Just be sure to be respectful of the rules when it comes to using the hot springs. Due to the culture, nudity is acceptable since men and women are separate, but tattoos are not due to the taboo nature surrounding them.

Whether you are going to Onsen, Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, or Chobu, you will find the natural state of the rock pools and hot water captivating as well as refreshing. Relaxing in a hot spring can also offer many health benefits too. Check out this link to find out more!

Fish Market

If you are a lover of fresh seafood, it is a must to visit the Tsukiji fish market. Located in Tokyo close to the Sumida River, you will find the largest wholesale seafood and fish market in the world. Along with all the fresh seafood and fish, you will find street stalls and vendors selling the freshest sushi rolls, along with steamed, grilled, or raw delicacies.

The street stalls, vendors, and little restaurants located in the maze of the market allow you to partake in the fresh seafood without the worry of having to cook it for yourself. Make sure you arrive in the early hours of morning to get the best selections and to avoid the crowds.


There are several Bhuddist temples and Shinto shrines to visit in Japan. Many of these ancient and sacred places are marked by ‘torii’, or the temple gates that are usually seen at the entrance. You can also typically spy the architectural style of Pagoda. This ancient architecture is a style unique to Japan and its history.

Many temples are regarded as sacred places for ceremony and worship, but they can allow visitors. Just be sure to be respectful and wear respectful clothing if you do choose to visit one of the many hundreds of temples scattered about Japan.

Tea Ceremony

Japanese tea ceremony is a practice that dates back to the beginning of the culture. A tea ceremony is all about the delicate aesthetic of the serving of the tea and the perspective of the guest. The host will traditionally serve hot green tea, also known as Matcha, to the guests along with some sort of sweet for balance.

Preparing tea in this fashion is not so much about drinking the tea. It is about each carefully planned movement and preparing the tea for your guests from the heart. Taking part in a traditional tea ceremony you will definitely be impressed with how the host is refined and skilled at this ancient art.


Japanese theatre is a musical drama that dates back centuries. There are the four main types of theatre which include: kyogen, noh, bunraku, and kabuki. Each one is unique and vastly different from the other three. With the use of music, dance, gestures, puppets, and poetry, no matter which style you are witnessing, you can be allured with the storytelling that is unfolding. The rich history surrounding the traditional Japanese theatre, you will be enchanted with every movement and musical note.

While going to Japan in and of itself is a unique experience, taking advantage of some of the more hidden gems of their culture will leave you feeling breathless and spellbound. Going off of the beaten path is a great way to not only enrich yourself in the culture but to make fond memories for years to come. When planning your next holiday to Japan, take a dive into the unknown with any of the above unique experiences Japan has to offer.


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