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Why medical tourism company is one of the booming sectors in India

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Are you aware of the fact that a major chunk of medical tourists come to India come for medical treatment to India? The number is expected to risk by 40   % in the years to come as well. As per the estimates the medical tourism industry was $ 3 billion which is expected by $ 8 billion in the year2020. Having  said so the health care industry has struggled a lot in the days ahead. A lot has to do with lack of technical and domestic infrastructure. But with the emergence of the private hospitals the industry has gone on to have a major make over. In the modern day context the Indian hospitals stand to be compared with the best of the world. This is in terms of infrastructure along with state of art facilities. It has to be said that the role of the Prime minister has been nothing short of extra ordinary till now. The main reason for the evolution of medical tourism in India can be summarized by the below mentioned points

Sometimes lack of quality medical health care facilities is not seen in the source countries

There are some countries of the world where the quality of spending on public health care works out to be limited. It is observed that the health care industry has not gone on to evolve and it is not possible to meet capability and infrastructure of the growing needs of the population. In such countries they go on to depend on medical tourism a lot. For example a lot of African countries fall under this category.

Cost effectiveness and high cost of affordability

In certain countries of the UK and US the cost of medical procedures are high. This is when you compare them to countries like India. Even after you include the cost of accommodation and ticket expenses when you come to India you can save nearly 60 % of the cost of treatment.

Immediate form of treatment

In the developed countries of the world there is a long waiting list of patients who are waiting for the turn of their surgery. This would be a complete waste of time as sometimes it may even stretch over to months. But if you consider a country like India you can avail the treatment in the shortest time frame possible. For example in a country like Canada you need to wait for 1 month in order to meet a specialist. It is access to facilities at an immediate level that draws in patients to a country like India.

Travel opportunities

Though  the prime motive of the patients would be to secure quality health care at the best of the facilities. Here the opportunity to visit a new country does work out to be a source of motivation to some people. This works out to be really beneficial for patients who are seeking treatment for dental and cosmetic form of surgery.


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