Muay Thai in Phuket island

Weight Loss and Travel through Muay Thai in Phuket island or Thailand

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Learning combat sports when travelling to Thailand gives you the opportunity to train with people who have different level of expertise while exploring the amazing destination in this stunning Asian country.  By going into this unique travel experience, your belief about the holiday vacation will be refined.  It will lead to an inspiring and life-changing experience for the foreign tourists.  Aside from the conventional activities like cultural exploration, beach activities, relaxation, and sightseeing, learning Muay Thai gives you a chance to train with the amateur and professional fighters under the keen supervision of a renowned trainer. Thailand have many island but Phuket island is the beautiful island.

Reasons Why Muay Thai is the Perfect Weight Loss Tool

With Muay Thai, you will be able to burn your calories 10 times faster compared with other martial arts.  You will feel the intensity, and you will sweat ten times more compared with Zumba.  You will not only be able to learn how to defend yourself, but the following reasons will convince you why this combat sport is a perfect weight loss tool.

Cardio Exercise

This one is pretty obvious since cardio exercise allows you to burn more calories.  By accelerating your heart rate and maintaining that level during the entire duration of your training, you will be able to keep your heart strong while reducing your excess fat.  The amount of cardio exercise that you can get with Muay Thai is simply incomparable with the other combat sports.   The instantaneous motion and continuous kicking and punching matched with relentless drill every time you visit the camp will definitely melt those unwanted fats.

Strength Exercise

Increasing your muscle mass will also increase the process of burning fat.  When you have an elevated muscle mass, your body will continue to burn fats even while you are in a state of relaxation.  Based on the study, the average man may lose up to ½ lb of muscle annually which is why it is essential to keep training.  When you travel to Thailand to learn Muay Thai, you will be taught on how to keep your muscle firm and strong and how to keep it tense to inflict the maximum amount of damage during its impact.  Beginners at Suwit Muay Thai will instant feel the fatigue during few round since its effect is similar with continuous weight lifting.  During the class, you will have to do a considerable amount of repetitions which is similar with a complete strength workout.

Interval Exercise

If you have been using treadmill and other cardio equipment in the past, you probably notice that the settings have been set on intervals.  This is simply because our heart is being forced to work under different condition.  While doing Muay Thai, our heart will function beyond its conventional routine. By keeping your heart in this condition, you will have the ability to amplify your metabolic rate and increase your body’s capacity to burn calories.

There is absolutely nothing that can be compared to the workout experience that is offered by Muay Thai.  Your shoulders, abs, arms, back, calves and thighs will be in a perfect shape in no time and ready for the big battle.



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