Tourist Attractions in Al-Ain, UAE

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Unfortunately there aren’t too much tourist attractions in Al-Ain but still this city seems peaceful place to live. Unlike Dubai, this city doesn’t have too much high raised buildings or crowded atmosphere. In the center of the city, there is a Bus Terminal from where you can find buses to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The transport company is called Al-Ghazal transport and has 24 seats coasters and 45 seat big luxury buses. From Al-Ain to Dubai, coasters service is mostly used. Fare to Dubai from Al-Ain is 20 AED /-, which doesn’t seems much for one time journey but it kills if you travel on daily basis and you don’t have a job. These buses drop the passengers at Al-Ghubaiba bus terminal. There are huge mosques in the city. Near the City Bus station, there is a huge market, where you can find vegetables, fruits and fish on whole sale rates. Groceries Shops and distributors who supply goods to small retailers, Hotels and Restaurants and people who buy monthly supplies all come to this market for shopping things on cheap rates. There is a football stadium in the city with an attacked park; it grabs a lot of local community every evening. There are huge palaces of rich sheikhs mostly in Government and their sons in city and surroundings.

As I mentioned there aren’t too much tourist attractions in Al-Ain, however there is one near to Al-Ain which attracts plenty of tourist figures to Al-Ain and that is the mighty Jabel Hafeet. Jabel in Arabic word for Mountain or Hill, Jabel Hafeet is a big mountain not too big to have snow on top but still big enough that it could be seen from anywhere in the city and even from far away from the city.

Jabel Hafeet is located on extreme border of Oman. In fact half of the mountain’s back side is in Oman. The best thing about Jabel Hafeet is not the mountain but an artificial park built in its base. It is a marvelous park. There is a warm water channel which runs through the park and people mostly enjoy playing in it in winter. There are grassy lawns everywhere, though the mountains are all dry and stones but the emirate’s parks authorities have really work hard to import some mud from surrounding countries and have made lush green grassy lawns. There are cafeterias and small restaurants in the park too, there is a walking track and some small hilly tops for site seeing this entire arrangement made this place a really great entertaining opportunity. Beside the park, there is a road going to top of the hill which looks really lovely at the night as temperature is low and lights are on throughout the roadside all the way to the top. These lights made the road and the mountain visible from miles away. I would suggest, if any of you ever wish to go to Al-Ain on a tour, you must visit Jabel Hafeet Park and hill top or consider your tour wasted. But there is a catch! You should have your own vehicle to visit the park and go to the top because; there is no public transport which can take you to the park.

The place where I stayed with my friend was right opposite to Jabel Hafeet and I could see the lights and the traffic on the hill road daily and I wished to visit the park which luckily I had a chance with my friend’s father and he took me to the park and the surrounding as a Welcome Tour to Al-Ain, but we couldn’t made it to the hill top as the car he was driving was 1995 Honda Civic manual simulation without AC and wasn’t in very good shape to make it to the top.


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