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How to Photograph like a Pro on Your First Wildlife Photography Tour in China

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While packing for your next trip to China, you must be planning for clicking some amazing shots of wildlife, isn’t it? Obviously, wildlife photography is not easy as you know. But, you would like to show the world that you can find and click the best moments of nature and her dear creatures when you are at their abode, right? Like any pro photographer, you also want to show off your photography skills. Thinking, how you can do that?

So, when you are brushing the dust off your camera and lenses, and researching about the places in China that you will visit for those amazing shots during your China photography tour let me tell you about some techniques. They will not only improve your camera skills, but will also make your wildlife photos look professional. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Wildlife Photography

Save the Shot with Focus on Eyes

When you are clicking a photo of an animal, your primary focus should be on the animal’s eyes. Wondering why is it necessary? It’s because, the eyes are always an important factor for a human. It is the way we get to know about emotions or reactions. So, when you are focusing on the eyes, it is natural that the photo will become easier to connect with. There is also another added benefit. If the animal is on the move, it becomes difficult to click good clear pictures, even with a high shutter speed. But, if you are focusing on the eyes, at least one element will be clear and full of clarity.

Patience in Virtue

It is necessary for you to be very patient with the photography. Patience is a virtue when you are in the natural habitat and thinking of clicking the nature and animal in their full glory. It is necessary for you to be able to wait so that you can get the best picture. Before you can think of clicking the best pictures during your China wildlife safari, it is necessary that you work on your reflexes. Be patient to wait and also fast with your reflexes.

Wildlife Photography

Think Out of the Box

Being a photographer, I feel that most of the time we have a common habit. We generally love to see photos of the place when we are traveling somewhere. However, when you are thinking of clicking photos there, think out of the box. It is better if you get a unique shot when you are clicking from a vantage point.

Use Tripod

You don’t want the photos of a leopard to be blurry because your hands were shaking too much in excitement, right? Hence, carrying a tripod will be absolutely essential because for you as a DSLR weighs quite a lot. And when you will be lying down on your stomach for hours, it becomes difficult for you to stop your hands from shaking while holding the camera. So, during that moment, a tripod can be your best friend. Hence, do carry one at any cost.

So now, as you know about how you can get some wildlife photos like a professional, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, start traveling and follow these useful tips.

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Bella Zhang is a famous photographer and travel blogger. She is a frequent visitor of China Photography Tour. Read her articles to know about China Wildlife Safari too.


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