Canada VISA Quicker than Usually

Guide for Getting Canada VISA Quicker than Usually

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It is only recently that Canada has introduced a system of issuing a visa for travelers from the US. There are specific exemptions to this regulation and if you are planning to travel to Canada in the near future for whatever purpose, you must know how to go about getting the visa and the quickest way to get one.

First Check if Your US Passport is Sufficient

One of the first things you must do is to make sure you do need to apply for the Canadian Visa and you cannot escape that. The ideal way would be to visit the relevant website run by the Canadian Government and study the various clauses they have listed for obtaining a visa or the ones that deal with the exemptions. You should be able determine, if you fall in any of these categories and if not, then going in for securing a Canadian Visa is necessary. It does not take much of your time. In fact, it does take less time that it would take for you to reach the LA city using the Los Angeles airport transportation.

Online is the Way to Go

The general perception is that once you sit down to make an application for visa to any country, a lot of time gets consumed in the paperwork and so on. But that is not true, at least in getting a visa to go to Canada from the USA. You can do the entire exercise online and receive, via email, the soft copy of the visa which is called the electronic travel authorization or ETA. The ETA is good enough for you to enter the country as long as you hold any credible identity to show at the border if you travel by road or at the Immigration if you settled to go by a flight.

Once you get online and enter the page, you will be required to furnish a lot of personal details about yourself and you should be done with it. Thousands of citizens apply daily on the site where there are issues related to the information provided by you, some queries may be raised and you will have to reply satisfactorily. In odd cases the visa authorities may even place a call through to you to verify their doubts and the general experience is that it does not take more than a week before your ETA arrives mail in your inbox. The process itself is not very complicated and, as mentioned, the time it takes to book a vehicle with Los Angeles airport transportation would be all it takes to do this online visa application.

While Traveling to Canada

If you were wondering how this ETA works when you are actually making the physical entry into the country, the immigration counters will have a copy stored in their system and they will match your details with what you are carrying as your identity and you can simply walk through. If you are taking a flight to Canada out of LA, do book your cab with LA airport transportation for you to reach the airport.


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