Windsurfing VS Kitesurfing

Windsurfing VS Kitesurfing

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Any adventure sports lover has always gone through the eternal debate topic about finding out which water adventure sport is better – kitesurfing or windsurfing. The disputes appear to be endless as the supporters and lovers of each of these extreme sports believe that the sport they play is better and best as compared to the other. However, there is nothing to prove with regards to which water sports are supreme. However, for the sake of clarity, you would know the basic differences between windsurfing and kitesurfing.


Windsurfing is also called as Sailboarding and it is an extreme adventure sports activity that involves the usage of a surfboard along with attached sail. The windsurfer needs to use the power of the wind in order to glide across the surface of the waves on the sail by holding and correcting the sails accordingly.


Kitesurfing on the other hand is otherwise called as Kiteboarding and it is another vibrant water adventure sport which involves the usage of a surfboard which is attached to the feet of the individual and a kite which works like a parachute and is connected to your body through a harness.

The wind is strong enough to lift you out of the water and even several feet into the air and this is one of the reasons of this game being categorised under extreme sports.


What Is the Major Difference Between These Extreme Sports?

There are a number of differences in these two extreme sports. In kitesurfing, the individual is attached to both the board and the sail. However, in case of windsurfing, the sail is attached to the board and not to the individual and this implies that in case they fall during their voyage, they fall off.

Ease of Learning

For both of these extreme sports, the learning curve is not the same. Windsurfing is actually far easier to learn as compared to the kite surfing and it takes only some instructions. Spending about one to two hours in flat water and about three to five hours in waves one can easily learn windsurfing. But Kitesurfing is different. First and foremost, you have to learn way to grip the kite, and this alone can take a couple of hours practicing on the seashore. Eventually, you will be needed to undergo some body dragging activities through the water before you get on the board. Learning the basics alone in case of kitesurfing could take up to nine hours.


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