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Kanha National Park has been originally known to be the lands of Gond orGondawanas. This beautiful park is situated in Mandla district in the Indian states of Madhya Pradesh. You will get to see remarkably wide varieties of some amazing wild animals, which definitely includes tiger. This park was built during 1955 and ever since has been actively contributing towards the preservation and conservation of many such endangered species. In the year 1947, the Reserve Project of Tiger helped with the wellbeing of tiger at this National Park. You will get to see some majestic Bengal tigers here in this park.

The history of this park leads back to the year 1880 when this area was ruled by the Gondawans or Gond dynasty, and at that time this forest was not very well known as it is today. To know in detail about the history you can also hire a guide, who will also help you understand well about different wildlife animals present in this park as well. The alluring features of this national park, attracts many visitors. There are numerous mammals in this park such as Barasingha, barking deer, chital, guar, hyena, sloth bear, tiger, wild boar, wild bog, Indian wolf, Indian fox, flying squirrel, chowsingha, nligai, ratel, leopard, langur, jungle cat, jackel, Indian pipistrelle, Indian pangolin, common mongoose, and the list goes on. So if you are a true lover of nature and animals then this is the place for you to visit for sure. The weather condition and climate here is outstanding which draws many attentions to it.

Tips for Viewing Wildlife in Kanha National Park:

Wildlife watching truly is an unforgettable experience, which can also be challenging when you have a close view. As watching such majestic creatures is very exciting and at the same time as much riskier too, so it is very much advisable to have any expert or guide along with you while exploring.

There are few important tips which you can carefully follow and ensure of before taking up this experience, are as mentioned below:

  • Always select comfortable and perfect clothing when you are moving and exploring the jungle. Wear proper shoes, and not slippers or heels. The material you wear should be comfortable and soft, whether it is full camouflage attire, so the movement along the jungle is easy for you.
  • Pay good attention when you are moving around and watching the animals, as your intention is to appreciate their great beauty without disturbing them with any unwanted noises.
  • Avoid having any sort of big heavy luggage while in the jungle, other than that you are free to carry any sort of important item you need to have while on the tour. So be selective with the kind of item you require and take that only.
  • Be very flexible and patient while you are watching any species. The main thing is to not disturb them in any circumstances, so avoid making any such mistake which will be disturbing.
  • If you are interested in photography, and would like to capture these beautiful creatures then be respective of your subject and patiently observe their movements without any disturbance.

Tips that you can follow while watching birds during this wildlife tour in the jungle are mentioned below:

  • Birds are such creatures which will vanish within seconds, away from the sight, so always keep a constant eye when you are bird watching.
  • In order to identify the species of the birds, listen very carefully and calmly to their voice as well as the song. For this also a guide may come handy.
  • Furthermore, to categorize them you can carefully observe their general shape and size.
  • You can also make a precise distinction of their pattern and colour, the hood shape, beaks’ and wings’ shape and size, and also make note of their movements and flying style.
  • The feeding habits of the birds, the way they eat, their style, can also be carefully noted.
  • Describe the region, climate, and habitat where such birds can commonly be found.
  • For having the precise and best documentation of the birds, you can record all the necessary observations, so studying them becomes easier.

  Dos and Don’ts:

  • Make sure you drive carefully and slowly in the National Park, so you watch the wildlife well and enjoy the beauty of it, without causing any disturbance.
  • Maintain the trails, and move in the specified roads, don’t go off trails, as you may crush any growing trees, as well as disturb the resting animals along with their young.
  • Maintain some good distance from the wildlife creatures and respect the boundaries, as you are very much in their habitat so they surely deserve first priority.
  • Getting down from your vehicle can be very dangerous, so seated and don’t try any smartness. This is for your well-being and safety as well as their safety too.
  • Don’t be disappointed during the ride when you don’t get to see tiger, as there are several other majestic creatures which are to be cherished.
  • This national park is not in anyway a zoo, so do not go with the thought that you will get to wildlife everywhere. The scenery in itself over here is breath-taking so cherish that.
  • Make sure you keep this beautiful national park clean and pollution free. Dispose all the non-biodegradable garbage such as cans, bottles, plastic, etc. in a bag that is provided.
  • Smoking and lighting campfires is not a good option in such forest, so see to it that you avoid doing so. As it may cause accidental hazardous fire, which can destroy not only the jungle but harm these beautiful creatures as well.
  • Based on the season you are visiting this park, pack your clothes.

There are various Kanha national park tour packages available which you can opt for such as the Royal Bengal Tiger tour, Kanhaweekend tour, Kiplingsplayground tour, pride of Madhya Pradesh, and many more, so as per your preference select the best tour package. There are also great accommodations available here such as the luxury resorts, deluxe resorts, high-end resorts, and standard resorts, so whichever works for you, can be booked.

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