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Canada, Canada! It’s the country which is admired by many. It is the country where a lot of Americans want to settle down. Here I am in Toronto and it does not take me long to say that this Maple Leaf nation can be as warming to the visitors as it is to its residents.

Toronto has a great weather and compared to the scorching New Delhi heat, the summer here is pleasant and gives you the feel of an Indian November. Toronto is full of visitors almost throughout the year, attracting millions from far and wide. This city is a warehouse of extremely satisfying as well as mind-boggling aspects. If you want to see a metropolis that has not yet succumbed to being a complete urban jungle, visit Toronto. It’s an experience of a city that has not forgotten its ties with nature. If a vacation abroad is on your mind, start looking for the Delhi to Toronto trip, and set sail to a journey full of eccentricities.

Toronto, actually, is  a stunner of a city. So, here is a compressed go at the experiences that followed me in the city: Toronto is a delight for those who have a refined sense of taste in linguists or gastronomy. In the cafes here, you would get to listen to anything from great Jazz to inspiring poetry. While so many diners and boutiques keep the streets abuzz, the city parks complement the landscapes with their own share of greenery. Music, food, recreation, or peace, you take what you like in this Canadian city.

Food, drinks, coffee – Toronto fills me with awe everywhere I look at its markets. Nothing adds to a kickstart morning better than a good coffeehouse that knows what to serve. My options in food run from sherry broth to mushrooms to pork to pizzas to raviolis. It’s a gastronomical delight to relish the variety of dishes in the different Toronto restaurants. For those with an acquired taste for Chinese cuisine, a whole Chinatown awaits to offer its goodies. The choices do not exhaust here, Toronto is known for its cocktails and aperitifs as well. If you are as fond of drinks as me, Baldwin Street to Augusta Avenue, you are never short of surprises catering to quench your thirst.

My favourite market in Toronto is the Ossington Street. You can get such a bargain if you’re lucky.

Early evening is time for the beaches where I like to surf for a while. You can also spend time at the High Park, if you like. It falls in the western part. My best indulgence is yet to come, though. An Indian in a Canadian world, I draw my best joys from the part of the city called Little India. Emporiums, saree shops, and many other things make you nostalgic and happy at the same time. Take your time to stroll through the Gerrard Street. You can witness a good ethnic mix of South Asian immigrants here.

Besides an off-the-book tour like above, you can also explore Toronto as a world tourist and see its prime attractions for the sake of good memories and wider experiences.

Here’s a list of popular places you would not want to miss in Toronto:

  1. CN Tower
  2. Royal Ontario Museum
  3. Haunted Walk
  4. Toronto Islands


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