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6 Reasons To Take A Vacation This

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When was the last time you took a vacation? If you haven’t yet been away this year, it might be time to book something exciting – vacations are extremely good for you. In fact, there are a number of reasons why taking a vacation is a good idea, and why you should try to get away from it all at least once a year for a few days. Read on to find out why a vacation is always a good idea.

Lower Blood Pressure

It is said that one-third of adults in America suffer from high blood pressure. This might be through stress, a poor diet, or lack of exercise, for example. The problem with high blood pressure is that it can lead to a vast number of diseases and conditions including:

  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Depression

Pills can help to lower blood pressure, of course, but medication isn’t the only way. Relaxation and reducing stress levels can also help hugely. A vacation might be the ideal way to do this. Getting away from the stresses of everyday life and being able to forget about work for a week or two can be what is needed to help. Your cortisol (the stress hormone) levels will be reduced, and that will make you feel so much happier and less concerned.

Not only will reducing your blood pressure make you feel less stressed, but it will also help to keep your heart healthy, which is definitely a good thing to bear in mind.

Increased Creativity

Creativity is an important part of life. You don’t have to be particularly artistic; creativity can manifest in all kinds of different ways. It can help you be more productive at work, and come up with exciting new ideas to make your life and workplace more streamlined.

A vacation can increase your creativity levels, boosting your performance at work and in the home. It is even better if you can go further afield and head abroad for your vacation as this will put you in contact with different cultures and ideas, giving you more to think about. It’s true that a foreign vacation may cost more than a vacation in your own country, but if you really want to feel the benefits then a loan could help you get there; this page will give you more information. 

Make New Friends

The older you get, the fewer opportunities there are to make new friends. We tend to stick in our usual friendship or family groups, and we don’t look outside them very often. This is a shame as limiting our friendships and the circles they can include us in can also limit our life experience.

Friendship has other benefits too; studies have shown that it can help us to be healthier and that it expands our horizons and offers us the chance to understand more about other people, thus becoming more compassionate and caring.

Vacations will offer you the ideal opportunity to make new friends. If you are traveling alone, for example, you will come across interesting people in your hotel or in the place you are staying. Take the time to talk to people who have the same interests as you; you might be surprised at how many new friends you can find.

Even if you are on vacation with other people, you can still take the opportunity to make new friends; remember, people might be shy about coming to you to talk if they see you with other people, so it could be that you need to make the first move and start by asking interesting people about themselves. You never know who you might meet, and that is exciting. Some of these friendships will last for just the duration of your vacation, and others will last for a lifetime; all of them will enhance your life and experiences in some way.

Better Relationships

If you have noticed that your relationships with friends and family have been strained, or have even become dull and commonplace, a vacation could be exactly what you need to reinvigorate them. Being away from the usual and familiar and experiencing new things together is a great way to enhance your relationship and make it healthier.

As well as this, a vacation can make your sex life better too. Sex is one of the first things that a couple having difficulties will find stops in their relationship. Being relaxed and away from home can make a big difference. As mentioned above, your cortisol levels will reduce when you are less stressed and more relaxed, and this will increase the feeling of arousal.

A Better Immune System

Your immune system is a marvelous thing, and it will help you to stay healthy even if you have been in contact with people who are suffering from coughs, colds, flu, and other bugs, for example. When you go on vacation, the fact that you are relaxed means that you can more easily build up your immune system.

As well as this, scientists have found that trying unusual food – food that you wouldn’t normally eat at home and that might be specific to the country or even area that you are vacationing in – can also help to improve your immune system. This works by altering the bacteria in your gut, making it more responsive to different conditions.

Fewer Wrinkles

It sounds incredible, but taking a vacation can actually help you to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your skin. Stress is what causes wrinkles (as well as aging in general) since it triggers an inflammatory response in the body, increasing how quickly cells age. To stop this from happening, or at least to reduce the effects, a stress-free vacation can help.

Of course, if you spend too much time in the sun without using appropriate sunscreen then you could undo all the good anti-aging work you are doing; the UV rays from the sun will hasten to age and create lines and wrinkles on your skin.



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