Inspiring places of America

Inspiring places of America that will indulge you to keep your wanderer boots on!

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If you don’t know, here is a disclaimer! America continent is too huge and overwhelming to squeeze into just one single vacation’s itinerary. The journey around the continent is endlessly enticing. The South and North America are two very fascinating neighbours and with such packs of delights offered by them, it can be quite difficult to decide which one to start with.

But you need not worry- we have curated a special list just for you covering all the places you must visit if you are planning a trip to North and South America:

South Lima and Machu Picchu, Peru (South America)
Visit the culinary wonderland of Peru and get to choose between hundreds of varieties of potato and taste lip-smacking dishes of the most popular meat here, guinea pig. Peru is an epitome of cuisines that have been created with the melting pot of cultures. Moreover, the magnificent mountain citadel of Machu Picchu is sure to be a delight for your eyes. The large cities and well-kept roads are remembered by visitors even once they get back home. You can even hike to top to witness the breath-taking view of the entire civilization and its sheer beauty that has survived even after several generations. Peru Holidays are perfect solution for every age group.

Beaches, Colonial Cities, nature and adventure, Mexico (North America)

When in Mexico, you ought to pamper yourself and soak in some of the Sun on it nearly 6.000 miles long beaches. Take the unbeaten path to some lesser known beaches in the small towns such as the Costa Maya and Baja California beaches. Apart from this Mexico’s colonial history is also quite infamous. Many cities in Mexico still don their colonial town plan, cobblestone streets and beautiful colonial architecture. We bet you didn’t know that Mexico is among the top five bio diverse countries in the world! So needless to say how close you can get with the nature both above and below the land here. You can learn scuba diving, surfing and other such active adventures too. When you sign up for Mexico and Cuba Tours, travel experts plan proper itineraries are planned that brings you stress free holiday experience.

Dance, sing and enlighten yourself with Knowledge, Cuba (North America)

The Pearl of Antilles or Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean Sea. Cuba is way beyond its happening party life for which it is popularly known. Revolution and communism lie in the heart of the cities even today, the age-stained buildings and the sounds of lively jazz at every corner of the streets make you wonder is what life at its best feels like!

Mesmerizing coasts, dense forests, glaciers and wildlife, Patagonia (South America)

Patagonia is every hiker’s paradise with places such as Torres Del Paine National Park and El Chalten. You can also go whale watching at Puerto Madryn as its warm and enclosed waters are a major breeding zone for whales. In all, Patagonia is a region you just cannot miss out while planning your trip as it offers numerous such experiences that you’ll cherish for your lifetime! When you sign up for Patagonia Tours; best of tour guides do ensure that even minuets details are well explained.

These spots are truly heaven on the earth. America fascinates with ultimate luxury, wilderness and unlimited memories to discover a kid within you.


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