Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Faster than Ever

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Samsung is the most leading smartphone manufacturer and every month Samsung has something to show to the world, but in an year for at least 4 times, Samsung come up with something amazing, that actually amaze the world. And the recent amazing launch of Samsung would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and as per the rumours this new device is going to be faster than ever, yes Samsung is ready to break all the records.

However, there exist few sections where Samsung has to work in the next Samsung Galaxy Note 5. For example, the looks and structure. We are observing the same design in front section, since ages and now its time to overcome it. And in the camera section, the new sensor would be appreciable however the recent Camera specs in the Galaxy S6 are gorgeous! Really! It really is the best among all the currently existing mobile devices (spring 2015) in camera. Do not believe me? Then compare the results with other phones, however the king in the camera specs is Sony, however Sony is lost in the market under the bigger manufacturers like Samsung and Apple.

In Samsung devices, optical stabilization in most situations works well, but to do two or three shots at a time never hurts. It happens that the photos are blurry, but found it is still fine. However, more MP sensor unit can make the Galaxy Note 5 camera specs more interesting. As mentioned, the Galaxy S6 Edge has beautiful camera and the machine takes pictures very quickly. The same applies to the HDR-images, and generally run the camera. The parameters can be set to photo appendices triggered by double-clicking on the “Home”. Thus, you will have about 1.5 second from the time when you find an interesting story to save images in the phone memory. The Samsung went down a path that can only be welcomed. Firstly, improved already excellent camera compared with the same Galaxy Note 4. A second simplified process of creating pictures & menus. Previously, when you click on the button with gears before you open matrix monochrome icons and inscriptions from which the eyes were watering. Yes, in the present Galaxy smartphone interface, now, everything is simple. Basic settings, including the choice of resolution, geotagging activation, configuration of additional shutter button (volume keys), and so on are available by clicking the same gear. Modes again a bit, but there are all the most basic: shooting slow or speed up video, create panoramas, now a trendy selection of focus after the shooting and stuff. More improved system with actually add plus one to the Galaxy Note 5 ratings, but this all could be disclosed only after the final release which is still a month or two far, and Fans have already started counting days and the official news would definitely spread like a fire as it would come.


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