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Grenada passport: A chance to explore the most amazing ecological attractions

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In recent years, Grenada began protecting some of the most remarkable natural assets by developing a network of protected sites and national parks. From the Grand Etang Forest Reserve to La Sagesse, Grenada passport is the key to explore peerless natural beauty for hikers, birdwatchers and nature lovers.

The Grand Etang Lake & Forest Reserve

The rainforest around the Grand Etang Forest Reserve is most popular for trekking and hiking in all of Grenada, located high up in the mountainous heart of the island country.The diverse terrains and elevations safeguardvarious ecological subsystems, nestled in the elfin woodlands. Grand Etang Lake is the hub of the forest reserve that actually fills up a crater of an extinct volcano.

The entire rainforest is rich with flora and fauna where many different species of birds, mammals and amphibians live alongside the rare orchids. The giant, brown-shaded Gommier trees with a swarm of tropical flowers, ferns and otherindigenous plants are worth seeing. The hiking trail ranges easily from 15 minutes to hours depending on how much you wish exploring in a day.

The MorneLaBaye Trail

It’s a brief and easy walk that takes approximately 15 minutes. The trail covers 12 different points of interest and most suitable for families who prefer nature hike.

The Ridge & Lake Circle Trail

The Lake Circle Trail entwines around Grand Etang Lake’s perimeter and takes more or less 30 minutes. Besides the stunning beauty of the lake itself, the trail further bends through the trees festooned with hibiscus and variety of wild orchids that supports growth of the trees.

Mount Qua-Qua Trail

Grenada passport is also an opportunity to explore heart of the mountains and island’s interior range especially Mount Qua-Qua that rise majestically to a height of above 2,370 feet. The surrounding trail by the lake eventually elevates to the higher altitudes and hiking it would take you in cooler temperatures of the elfin mountain forests. One must be careful as the track is steep and sometimes slippery.

The Seven Sisters Trail

The trail passes alongside seven of the most amazing mountain waterfalls hence the name “seven sisters”. Each gives an eerie yet beautiful shade of green surrounded by the emerald undergrowth of the rainforest.

Even for most experienced hikers, the trail takes more or less three hours but trekking all the way to the Seven Sisters is worth the experience. It starts from banana and nutmeg plantation plunging into untamed depths of the island’s forests. Guide is recommended due to the complicated track.

Fedon’s Mountain & Concord Falls

The Concord Falls leads down through the rainforest’s canopy, over the summits and bubbling steams. Lowest of the three falls is a tourist hotspot featuring the best swimming area, camp ground and modern facilities for visitor’s convenience. The upper-most fall, however less visited is most beautiful in all and just at a distance of 20-minute hike.The Concord Falls Trail ends at a cave-like recess known as Fedon’s Camp being a strategic base of Julian Fedon; a French-Grenadian and leader of the slave rebellion against the British in 1765.


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