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Learn the Art of Manipulating Your Train Journeys

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It is very easy to book hotels and pack bags but the challenging part is to make your journeys exciting and easy. If you know the art of traveling in an exciting manner, you will never get bore on your train trips no matter how lengthy your routes are.  Talking about rail journeys in India, it won’t be wrong to say that the journey is as crucial as the destination. In a country like India that is so vast and packed, train journey is a way of life.

Window Seat, Yippy!

Travel classes and chic in India differ greatly, but the ever-changing vistas and landscapes is always luring. So, if there is one thing that you must look for so as to make your trip easy and more memorable is a ‘window seat’.   Once you have occupied a window seat, you are surely going to enjoy diversity of India. As your train speeds through the outside, you will feel a rare peep into everything from the regular life of rural hamlets to the commotion of big cities. Just sit back and stay relaxed because it will be one of the couple of brief moments of tranquillity and quiet amongst all the bedlam.

Buddies all around

Come on, it is an experienced fact that you can find plenty of buddies on your train trips. If you don’t agree, just observe the strangers sitting in your couch and after some time, you will find them cracking jokes, exchanging views and sharing talks. This is the beauty of train journeys. Don’t worry, you are not being told to reveal the password of your Wi-Fi connection or share your pin; it is just about ‘buddies during the journeys’. Neither you nor the fellows on board are going to meet you again, (Exceptions are always there.) So, what is the point of worrying when both you and your neighbour in train is having a good time during the journey by talking? Don’t forget, the way you are looking for some amusement, your fellow passengers are also doing the same.

Relish the Taste of India

Whether you are traveling within your state, from one state to another state or from one corner to another corner of the country, you will find plenty of food options when you are traveling by train. Even if you want the exclusive cuisines of a particular area of the country, you can easily do online food order in train. This way, when you reach your next station, you are going to get your food package, fresh and crispy! After all, you cannot enjoy the cuisines of different cities and places if you are sitting in your house. But when you are going on a journey in train, you get to know about the taste of different places and destinations.

Thus, once you have these things in mind, you will surely learn the art of manipulating the journeys. After all, only you can make your journeys exciting no matter you are going by train or air!

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