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5 Reasons to Why Qatar is Amongst the Cynosures for Tourists

For those of you, who simply crave hard to travel at least once a year, must plan a visit to Qatar this time. It’s an Arab Country comprised of arid desert and a long Persian Gulf shoreline of dunes and beaches. The capital of this country is Doha, which is also very well-known for its astounding skyscrapers and ultramodern architecture. Some of its architectures are inspired by the Ancient Islamic Art. Qatar is surely known to have a plethora to inspire the tourists. So let’s look into some amazing things about Qatar that convince you head on for Qatar Airways Online Booking to have a memorable trip to that place.

The Pearl Qatar:

Known to be a Man-Made Island, The Pearl is located in Doha situated off-short of the city’s west bay lagoon area. This island is enticingly shaped like a pearl that features luxury villas and apartments, shopping malls, hotels & resorts and all sorts of entertainment spot. For the ones, who are looking to experience the perfect blend of elite lifestyle and fun-all-in-one, Qatar awaits you with the warm welcoming gesture.

Clutter Free Place:

Do you avoid visiting spots where you find yourself badly wrapped with an unknown crowd all round? If yes, Qatar is the place for you. Zooming in a little bit, Doha is known to be the most clutter free and ultra clean spots in the Qatar. In case you are willing to have an elegant and pleasant evening, you must then pay a visit to Al-Corniche there. You will find there an optimum level of class and elegance out there as the people around there would be mostly well behaved and nicely dressed. Troublers like Hawkers or Vendors are seldom found there so are surely going to have an amazing experience there.

Shop to an Infinity:

If you aren’t shopaholic, Doha is surely going to make you feel like one but in a pleasant way. Visiting Qatar without showing up at shopping malls there is as good as having a Pizza without cheese, some extra cheese would work even better. Famous malls like Villagio, Gulf, Ezdan and etc. are truly your places where you should surely pay a visit to. Enriched with world’s top brands, Malls in Doha will amaze you with great shopping experience.

Don’t Forget Yummm:

Since we are talking about the Arab World, how the true Arabic Appetite can be left unspoken. The best thing about Doha Food is that you are going to get Fresh Arabic food in High-End Restaurants at very reasonable prices. When it comes to teasing your taste buds with amazing yum and appetite, roadside cafes aren’t stepping back anyway. How about try a fresh Shawarma at Habeebs or even some spicy Omelet roll? Doha has got tons of food varieties for you. Just step in and enjoy the true flavor of Arab Dishes. In fact, tourists can even enjoy food variety of other nations like Indian, Pakistani, Persian, Italian, Chinese and much more.

Art Galleries

When it comes to creativity, Qatar has plenty to surprise you with its art. If you are willing to check out some really amazing yet rich visions of past, visit the Qatar Museums and Art Galleries where you can find all the precious visions secured in a respected way.

In a nutshell, a visit to Qatar would be no less than one of the most enticing travel experience for you. Therefore, just make a wise move and head on to Qatar Airways Online Booking to get all the formalities done. This visit is surely going to be of the best experiences for your life.


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