Getaways from Kolkata

Best Getaways from Kolkata to Visit in a Day

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The city of Joy, Kolkata is a beautiful place which holds an important position in India Tourism. Be it economy, politics or art and culture, the city of Kolkata is not lacking behind in anything. People from all across the globe visit this beautiful city during their India tours. Being one of the metropolitan cities of India, the city is filled with hustle and bustle of life, busy fish markets and cultural landmarks.

All these things make a hustling life of Kolkata, and to take a break from all these things we are here with the list of some perfect getaways from the city which you can visit in a day and spend your stipulated time at best place in a best way you can.

  1. Tajpur

The shimmering beach of Tajpur is a less crowded place near Kolkata. It is approx 170 km away the city of joy and it takes 3 hours to drive to Tajpur. To reach here either you can catch buses to Chaulkhola or you can drive over here. Walking on the long stretch beach on the sand will be rejuvenating. Near the beach there is Tamarisk forest which is also a nice place to stroll. One can enjoy activities like rafting, kayaking and paragliding to enjoy their day. By the end of the day you can travel back to Kolkata.

  1. Bakkhali

It is another pleasing gateway from Kolkata. One of the pleasing beaches near Kolkata is located at a distance of 135 km from the city. Famous Sunder bans are located close to Bakkhali beach. This beach is located in the islands which is well-connected by the roads which can be reached closely to Kolkata. During your day tour in Kolkata you can enjoy playing with waves and explore the benfish harbor and mangrove and crocodile forest which are the major attractions of the place. During the dusk time you can enjoy the mesmerizing sun set view.

  1. Mukutmanipur

If you wish to spend your day in the tranquility and peace, Mukutmanipur is a place for you in that case. This is a great place where you can get disconnected from the daily hustle and bustle of the city and lost in the aura of divinity. The town is surrounded by the lush green forests and hills and gives a charming view of Kumari and Kansabati River. While strolling through the place you can enjoy a boat ride in the lake or relax on the hill-rock. You can also sit by the banks of Kansabati River and visit the nearby Jhilmili. It is a beautiful place away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  1. Digha

Digha is a beautiful place which is located at a distance of 190 km from the city of Kolkata. The place is filled with glittering sea shore and sandy beaches which makes the place a perfect tourist hub. Digha is preferred as the best weekend destination where you can get lots in the peace and tranquility of the place. To get to this place you can travel through the busses which would be an economical mode of transportation. You can travel to Digha from Kolkata in a day and enjoy the perfect day ride.

  1. Bishnupur

One of the historical districts of Bankuralies the most amazing Bishnupur, a town that has a prominent tourist significant. The place lies at a distance of 135 km from Kolkata. It takes around 2 hours to reach Bishnupur. The beautiful and amazing terracotta temples of Bishnupurare the major attraction of the place. This design of the temple is intrigue and charmingly carved. These temples and other tourist attractions of these places make you introduce you with the culture and heritage of the Malla Dynasty.

  1. Taki

One of the most innovative places that lies on the edge of Bangladesh. The place is comparatively less crowded and untouched by the tourists. Making a perfect escape from the city’s hustle and bustle Taki has everything that will bring lots of things to you. Located on the banks of Ichamati River, Taki has many places where you can enjoy your time. This river border India and Bangladesh and it is merely 80 km from the city and it takes 2 hours to reach this city. To reach here you can also take trains to Sealdah that is the nearby Hanabad.

  1. Bethudahari Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the beautiful places which located at a distance of 155 km and it takes around 2 and a half hour to reach Bethudahari Wildlife Sanctuary. It is actually an extended deer park. The exotic ranges of animals, birds, flora and fauna of this sanctuary are the major attractions of the place. While exploring the place you can spot lizard, porcupine, pythons and jungle cats. With a huge range of birds local and migratory the bird’s lovers will enjoy their time in here. You can spot Cuckoo; hawk Cuckoo and Parakeets which are the major attraction of the place. On a day tour to this amazing place you will get a well-spent time over here.


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