Best Place for a Family Vacation Mussoorie

Mussoorie: The Best Place for a Family Vacation

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Life can go really tough when you touch your late adulthood. It is the time when you start earning money. As and when money starts flowing into your bank accounts increasingly, we tend to become busier with our professional lives. This means lesser time for social interactions, i.e. friends and family. But, we cannot ignore the importance of enjoyment and happiness amidst all this. Sometimes, we all need a break to spend some time with our close ones. And what can be better than visiting a hill station in the summer season. Mussoorie is counted among the best places to spend a vacation with your family. There can be nothing better than what this enchanted destination has to offer to allow you some hibernation.

For a decent stay with your family, you will find plenty of Mussoorie hotels that accommodate all sorts of budgets. Mussoorie has abundance of tourist attractions and you must not miss out on any when you plan to visit. Below are some of the famous places you might want to see in Mussoorie.

  1. Happy Valley: If you are looking for some unique experience, especially some flavour of Tibetan culture, Happy Valley should top your to-do list. When the Tibetans came to India for the first time, this was the place where they first settled. You will find the area marked with deodars and oak trees along with cafeterias and hotels. This is a very beautiful place to observe cultural influence of Tibetans.
  2. Mussoorie Lake: You will find this lake situated near the Mussoorie-Dehradun road. You can take your family for a picnic to this location amidst the natural surroundings. It is a beautiful tiny lake with a natural waterfall. You will also find ducks swimming in the water. If you want to engage in some fun activity, you can definitely try boating here. You will also find many shops to buy souvenirs for your loved ones.
  3. Christ Church: It was constructed in the year 1836 and is known as the oldest church build during the British colonization period. The glass windows display the life of Lord Jesus in a variety of architectural and gothic designs. The high altar also shows how Jesus Christ suffered during those times. It is bound to keep you flabbergasted with its manmade beauty.
  4. Jwalaji Temple: It is about 2,240 metres above the sea level and located 9 kilometres away from Benog hill. A deity known to Hindus as Goddess Durga resides in this magnificent creation. If you want to explore the religious aspect of what Mussoorie has to offer, you can try visiting the Jwalaji temple.
  5. Kempty Falls: It is a wonderful place for photography and some fun activity. You will find the most outstanding waterfall about 1,364 metres above the sea line. It is a great spot for picnic and splashing water on your dear ones.

When planning a trip, a comfortable stay is mandatory. Therefore, go for the best hotels in Mussoorie to recharge your energy and spirits at night. Happy vacation!

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