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What Should You Test Before You Choose A Hire Car?

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It is going to be ideal if you can test drive a car before you take it with you on holiday. This is something that you can ask to do with lots of different hire companies, and they will be only too happy to oblige your request.

You need to have a mental checklist when you are testing the car. Once everything has been ticked off the mental checklist you can drive the car away and start your holiday.

What should you test before you hire a car?

The Brakes

The brakes on the car are extremely important when you are driving in unfamiliar road conditions. You might be driving cautiously but you will still need to stop with enough distance between you and the car in front of you.

You can test out the brakes of the hire car when you are choosing car hire in Perth Australia before starting your holiday. You will make sure that you can stop properly and that the brakes are responsive enough to your touch. When you are happy with the brakes you will be able to hire the car and enjoy driving it for the entirety of your holiday.

The Windows

You will need the windows to be working perfectly, especially if you are travelling during a wet part of the year. Rain is not going to run your holiday when the windows are working perfectly. Whether you hire a car with electric or manual windows is entirely up to you.

Check the visibility that the windows offer. This is going to aid your driving and will also give you the best views as you and your family are driving along.

The Boot

When you are travelling on holiday, you need to decide which items of luggage you are going to bring along. Some people are minimalists and they travel extremely lightly with just a few pieces of luggage in their possession. However, you might be the opposite and have lots of luggage. You should check the boot to see if you can fit all of your bags in there comfortably. This means that you will not have to put any of the bags on the back seat.

You can also put some camping gear in the boot if you are planning on having a holiday which is close to nature in the outdoors.

The Legroom

Driving on holiday can be an extremely rewarding experience, provided that everyone is comfortable. When people are sat in the back of the car for long periods, they are going to want to move their legs.

You should test the legroom with the tallest person in the group, and choose a car which has a lot of space in the back. You will not need to keep stopping if people can stretch out on the backseat.

Your holiday hire car needs to be in top condition because it is going to be a vital part of your holiday.

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