The fun of Dandiya in the capital city

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The festive spirit of Navarathri is incomparable. The vibrant colours, the loud music and the dancing of happy youngsters can be seen only on these nine days. Navarathri is an Indian festival celebrated to honour goddess Durga who killed the demon Mahishasura. She is the epitome of female power, or Shakti. Durga puja is done differently all around the country, but the Gujaratis love to do Garba dance. Garba or Dandiya is a form of dance that involves the movements and beating of two small sticks held in both the hands. It is usually played in couples or huge groups. Dandiya is so popular that it is played all over the country today, especially during the Durga Puja time.


Delhi hosts a number of Dandiya nights and Durga Puja celebrations come October. Below is the list of all the programmes involving dandiya in Delhi

The Great Grand Garba Night

When – Fri, 30 Sep 2016

Time – 8:00pm

Organised by – Informal

Where – Informal, Delhi

Navarathri is a time to buy new clothes, put on loud musical and dance to your heart’s content. It is the time of grand festivities and some delicious food. As the festival is roundthe corner, get ready to be a part of a fun event. The great grand garba night is surely going to be an unforgettable event. Play dandiyaall night with your friends and have a good time.

DandiyaRaas and Exhibition 2016

When – Sat, 1 Oct 2016

Time – 6:00pm

Organised by – Gurgaon’ites posts

 Where – GurgaonValley School, Gurgaon

The Gurgaon’itesadmins including Manju Jain, GurbandanaKohli, Nidhi Taneja and Urvashi Anandare organizing a super grand event of dandiya night. It is a dance event cum exhibition. Join the effervescent crown to have some unlimited fun and masti. Dance to the rhythmic beats, and enjoy some good food too. For details contact 09810007364/ 09899100477 or write to @[email protected]

DandiyaMasti 2016

When – Thu, 6 Oct 2016

Time – 8:30pm

 Organised by – Guajarati Vikas Mandal

 Where – The Emerald, By Eleven Course, North West Delhi

DandiyaMasti2016 will begin on the 6th October 2016 and welcomes each and every one of you in Delhi. If you have never been a part of a dandiya night, then here is your chance to drink in the experience of festival, fun, dance, colors and enjoyment.


DussehraFlea Market

When – Tue, 11 Oct 2016

Time – 4:00pm

Organised by – Go Razzmatazz

 Where – Multiple Venue, Delhi

This Dussehra, you can experience a wonderful event at 3 patio clubs in Gurgaon. The venues include club nirvana patio, club patio and club south patio.  The special attractions in the event includeDandiyadance, dj music, Ram-Ravantoli, RavanDehan, kid’s corner, food stalls, and bar and lots more.

So this Navarathri, go out and be a part of one of these celebrations. You will surely have a momentous time with friends and family. Indulge in fun and great food.



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