Tour Provider While Travelling

How to Find the Best Tour Provider While Travelling

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Sometimes you just don’t want to travel alone and sometimes, some places are not suitable for solo travelers. Such times, joining a tour is the best solution. One of the major benefits of joining a tour is the fact that you will get to meet new people, you’ll be safer in a group, and you will be adding layers of information about places that may not be able to gather from guide books.

Sometimes a group is the only way to actually venture into hard-to-reach places. The tricky part is finding the best tour provider. Here are some tips and tricks on searching for the right one.

Research the reputation

While travelling to Romania, you want to book with a reputable and ethical tour company that will not only offer you incredible Romanian tours, but ensure your safety as well. Make sure the company is accredited in that country and the tour guides are licensed from the relevant institutions.

What’s the company’s target customer?

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of young people have made on tours is booking groups with retired couples. Check directly with the company and go through their social media pages to verify that information. This is a critical part of your travel experience because the people you spend a few days to a few weeks with will definitely impact how your trip ends up.

Get value for money

When comparing tour guide providers, ask to get a breakdown of all the costs. Compare those costs with how much you would need as a solo traveller. Look at the quality of the services they are offering and weather the accommodation, food, and activities are worth it.

What’s the average size of the tour groups

If you don’t mind a large group and you’re looking to make a lot of friends, then you can book one with a lot of people in your age group. Smaller groups however can have different experiences. For instance, you may be able to have a cooking class with a local expert, which would be impossible in a large group.

Inquirer about the expertise and quality of the tour guides

The tour guides will either make or break the experience so before you sign up, enquire about the quality of the guides. Are they locals who know more about the area? Do they have professional certificates to actually be tour guides? Check customer reviews about them to see whether they are well-informed, easy to understand, or even fun to be with.

Check whether the itinerary matches your travel style

You probably have an idea of the kind of trip you’d like to experience. Do you want a relaxed trip? Do you want to see everything? Do you want to participate in a lot of activities? Depending on your answers to these questions, you know the kind of trip you want. Most tour companies strive to offer a balance between guided activities and personal exploration.

Reviews about the provider

Reviews are hands down one of the best sources of information and they are very important if you want to choose a meaningful trip. Previous tour participants will give you insightful information about their experience and what you should expect.


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