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South Korea, the land of culture!!!

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South Korea, is one of the four Asian tigers have shown the world the economy of any country can be changed within a matter of years. The South Korean government becomes the fifteenth richest country in the world in a timespan of thirty years. The best time to go to South Korea and best things to do will be discussed below.

Want a taste of it?

Being a healthy eater should be in the blood we guess!!! South Korean meals are planned accordingly. Most of the dishes include grains, rice, vegetables and meat as the main ingredients. The most common dish among the locality will be,

  • Stew
  • Kimchi
  • Noodles
  • Banchan
  • Anju

Just like their names the dishes also a have exotic ingredients and spices which are borderline diet food across the world.

Peek a boo into the Korean attraction: –

Being the land of culture and history, South Korea has a vast place of historical buildings and markets. some of them being,

  • Gyeongbokgung:-

A royal palace built in 1930’s by a Joseon king still stands as a proud symbol of the culture and architect. This is the largest and awed palace among the five grand palaces.

  • N Seoul tower: –

This is the second highest point in Seoul. Constructed in 1960’s this tower was opened to the public in the late 80’s. Though it is an observatory, the tower also has all the facilities that are included in any big shopping malls.

  • Hwaseong fortress: –

Hwaseong Fortress is not another historical to be viewed and forgot. The wall of the fortress consists of about 48 structures which include gates, towers, posts, and platforms.

  • Dongdaemun design plaza: –

This DDP is one of the celebrated spots by the modern day citizens as well as by the adults. Because of this plaza, Seoul was a designation of best design capital in 2010. The structures and construction are one of the pride and joy of this country. 

Best time to visit:

South Korea, being the land of culture will be on the bucket list of almost all travelers. But the best time to go to South Korea will spring season i.e., Between April and June. The cultural land becomes a tourist land because of the abundant growth of cherry blossoms which makes the city looks like painted in pretty pink. Even autumn season looks good when compared to the damp weather in sunny summer. These two season serves as the tourist season in this country.



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