Uttarakhand News- A Family Find New Hotel in Uttarakhand Nearby Chopta

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As we entered the amazing area of the Uttarakhand Himalayas we were mesmerized by the beauty and serenity that engulfed us. We would never have found the little gem of Uttarakhand, were it not the advice of our expert travel agent. This place was everything that the man said and more – a little haven of peace and tranquility amidst the majestic Himalayas which was yet untouched by the corrupting traffic of tourists. We decided we should spend some time hereabouts before we moved forward on our journey and thus began the quest for a hotel.


Looking for a hotel near Chopta

As mentioned above there is little tourist traffic in Chopta and it has not yet adopted the common methods of a popular tourist destination. This meant that there were very few hotels in and around Chopta. But here as well our tour guide came to the rescue because he quickly scoured the area and found a good and brand new hotel in Chopta or rather very close to it. We were enjoying the lovely sight of the sun setting over the Himalayas when we began our journey towards the hotel with apprehension in our minds.

The hotel near Chopta

Quite frankly we did not expect much from a hotel in such a distant place except maybe some sorry excuse for bedding and some place to answer nature’s call. We entered a simple but neat looking building andimagine our delight when we were greeted by the small but courteous staff of the hotel in a completely professional manner. Then again the well maintained, clean and well-appointed rooms added to this pleasant surprise. The beds were comfortable if not luxurious and we also realised that the bathrooms were modern and clean.


What more could we ask for, but just then we realised that the hotel also had a kitchen and provided excellent room service. Since it was quite chilly at that time they even arranged for room heaters and hot bath water. By now we were thanking our lucky stars and our tour guide who magically made such comfort possible in this out of the way place. At dinner time we were served a hot delicious meal which was simple mountain food but very nourishing and quite conforming to the heavenly place. During the 2 days we stayed at this hotel we experienced the warm hospitality of the mountain people. They are simple souls with no complexities and they follow the Hindu principle that a guest is God or Atithi Dev Bhav.

The amazingpeople of Chopta

During our stay at the hotel we enjoyed long walks into the surrounding wilderness and also mingled with the local populace. The pleasure I think was mutual as they were quite delighted to see our urban mannerisms and clothes and we reveled at the simplicity and natural manner in which they led their lives. Everywhere in Chopta that we went we were greeted by the simple folks living amidst the magnificent beauty of nature and imbibing some of it into themselves.


All in all our stay at Chopta was an experience that we cherish even now and will do so for the rest of our lives. OF course there is a lot more to this story when we explored the Himalayas of Uttarakhand on a week long trek, but this pleasant surprise at Chopta is something that is worth sharing so that others can enjoy the same whenever they visit Uttarakhand.


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