Luxury Trip to Mykonos Island

A Luxury Trip to Mykonos Island

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It is a bit challenging to imagine how one of the smallest Greek islands could have become the favorite A-list resort for the glamorous and wealthy in the giant US, but it is true. And what on earth could make the little Mykonos island such an attractive and luxurious heaven, –  unique natural conditions, historical places, or expensive high-quality hotels and villas? Well, the supposed answer can be a bit more complex. The secret of this island’s unprecedented success is the combination of the best possible resort conditions and activities in a compact, serene, countryside place with a highly-developed infrastructure and access to the first-class shops, restaurants and nightclubs! But let us consider everything in detail.

First of all, Mykonos has luxurious climate conditions. The climate here can be considered the ideal one for sunbathers and swimmers – pleasant hot Mediterranean weather can leave the joy on your heart together with the great golden sunburn on your skin! And of course, due to its marvelous climate, the island has numerous beaches, nightclubs and bars to offer. If you consider traveling to this magical island at least once in your life, read more on how to spend a luxury vacation in Mykonos here!

The second factor of Mykonos’ success is its unique serene atmosphere with the exceptional places, buildings, and history. Just see its famous Little Venice – a small district with balconies hanging right over the sea and inviting you to taste a delicious meal of nearly any cuisine in its numerous cafes while spectating the charming sunset. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take shots of the numerous historical windmills and even more numerous churches of the island, see the island’s mascot – pelicans. You can also try to feel and see Mykonos, who was Apollo’s grandson the island was named after, and see the petrified remnants of the giants killed by Hercules in numerous stones lying on the island’s ground.

Despite the island’s size, there are lots of things a tourist can do in Mykonos, and this is another component of Mykonos’ success. There are many kinds of popular water sports such as sailing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving, scuba diving, etc. They are available on the island, with courses for all ages!

The opportunity to spoil oneself with the first-class shopping in this countryside is another reason for tourists to love this place. Tons of designers’ boutiques and shops of any kind – from souvenir stores to luxurious international brands, and this all on the narrow lanes of Hora, the island’s main town!

And finally, the island can boast of its opportunities for providing tourists with great accommodation amenities! Mykonos has scads of hotels, apartments, and villas to choose from, and each of its rooms is genuinely luxurious to get relaxed and have a good sleep! Should you think about spending your vacation on the Island of the Winds, see more on where to find luxury villas in Mykonos.

Mykonos is one of the smallest Greek islands with narrow streets and small white buildings, full of the countryside suburban spirit and ancient Greek mythology. But this seemingly weird place to be named the favorite resort of the rich and famous has all the elements of an ideal resort in one place: the great climate conditions and numerous beaches, beautiful historical places to see and visit, lots of activities to do, and hotels to get full relaxation. 


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