Your monsoon getaway- Goa!

“Beaches” check. “Luxury stays” check. “Romantic weather” check. “Adventure?” of coursecheck!!!- Your monsoon getaway- Goa!

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Crispy, spicy deep-fried tidbits along with a cup of tea”- Is that really it for the beautiful monsoons? Well, you can pretty much do away with the stereotypical idea of couch romance in monsoons and tick off your checkboxes of backpacking to the beaches and adventurous water-sports. When it comes to adventure rides and water sports, no other place can fit in better in your plans than Goa. Yes, you read it right- it’s Goa in the monsoons. Apart from the enthralling weather, another checkbox you can tick off on your list is the one for “budget trip.” Yes, beginning right from the accommodation, tickets to the fun-rides like paragliding in Goa, you are going to be showered with discounts everywhere, when you visit this place in the monsoons. Here’s a short checklist for the adventure fanatic in you for a fun-packed trip to Goa this monsoon.

  1. Banana boat ride in Goa :

Being a must-do in Goa, Banana ride in Goa is the ideal one for a group of people hanging out together. 4 or 6 of you can accommodate in this boat at a time. It gets its name from its shape of a banana. This inflated boat along with a speedboat connected to it flings you right into the water from a while after it has started. It’s at this moment when you go high on your adrenaline rush and have to board back onto the boat. For your safety, they will be providing you with a lifeboat prior to your ride. Atlantis Watersportspresents you with one of the best banana boat rides in Goa.

  1. River Rafting:

Yet another team-sport, river rafting in Goa can be best enjoyed in the monsoons. It’s a lifetime experience with the various levels of water of the seasonal rivers of this place.

  1. Water Skiing:

Glide over the sea, standing on a skier with a speedboat towed to it. Yes, water skiing is one of the most sought-after and adventurous sports you can try in Goa. All you have to do for this breath-taking experience is that you need to hold on tight to the rope connected to the speedboat and stay balanced on the ski board. Don’t miss out on the life-jacket for safety.

  1. Adventure boat cruise:

This boat cruise is the all-in-one package for you offering you kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling, dolphin sight-seeing, fishing, and much more.

  1. Fly Boarding:

Though Goa tops the charts of romantic destinations in India, yet again this place never fails to satiate the adventure freaks. Whether you are a swimmer or not, Goa has an array of water-sports to offer that will make your trip worth every bit of it. Flyboarding is the ultimate of all water-sports that give you adrenaline rushes. Fly board is quite similar to a skateboard that comes with a couple of boot attachments. There will be a jet ski, and your task is to swim away from it. Once you are at a distance, in the water and stand up with the board under your feet. The water pressure from the jet-ski will keep you up in the air, and when you move your left knee up, you will move right and vice-versa.

Make your long-pending Goa trip happen, ticking off your bucket list of adventure in your romantic monsoon getaway.

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