Cheap San Francisco Restaurants

Five Quality, Cheap San Francisco Restaurants

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One of the main draws of the Bay Area, and more specifically it’s crown jewel city San Francisco, is the wide array of amazing food options. Many budget travelers may think that the price range of the best restaurants in the city will exclude them, but in reality some of the tastiest menus in the city can be sampled for less than $20 per plate. Knowing that you can eat your way through some of the best restaurants in town will surely be enticing to any traveler working with a budget, and if you add to this the long list of attractions Sand Fran has on offer then you have the perfect road trip firmly in your sights. Keep this in mind the next time you’re planning on hitting up the RV Rentals store with a West Coast road trip in mind.

Unlike many other cities, a wide majority of San Francisco’s most noteworthy food spots are simply neighborhood restaurants that have been there for years and don’t come with major price upswings. So if you’re looking to eat well without putting a major dent in your finances, check out the below top five affordable, but great, restaurants in San Francisco.

Cholo Soy

Located in the heart of the now-hip Mission district, Cholo Soy has been a local staple for years. Serving up great plates of Peruvian food and offering daily specials for only $5 to $10, you just can’t go wrong with this one. If you love great cerviche, rice and beans, and braised beef or roasted lamb, but don’t like going broke for lunch, then make sure to put Cholo at the top of your list.

Bini’s Kitchen

Formerly located at the farmer’s market but now moved to Market Street, Bini’s offers unbelievable Himalayan food for unbelievably low prices. You can enjoy a chicken curry combo for just $10, and it comes with rice and Bini’s famous turkey momo dumplings as well. When it comes to getting a bang for your buck, Bani’s certainly has you covered.


If you’ve ever wanted to eat at an automat but were afraid of the quality, then super-hip eatsa has what you’ve been looking for. This high-tech and highly rated automat has a ton of quality vegetarian dishes that are both healthy and cheap, many of which come in at under $10.

Hot Sauce and Panko

Located in the heart of the Russian Hill District, Hot Sauce and Panko offers up decadent combinations such as its world-famous wings and waffles for truly low prices. As a matter of fact, the most expensive item on the menu is only $10.99. You can get a nice plate of wings for just $6.89, and the selection of interesting sauce flavors just can’t be beat.

HRD Coffee Shop

An interesting mix of Korean and taqueria, here you can grab a burrito, spicy pork, or Japanese curry enchiladas for under $10. Rapidly growing in popularity, HRD has kept its downhome feel and affordable prices firmly intact.

You don’t have to go broke eating well in San Francisco, and you don’t have to sacrifice quality either. With plenty of quality, cheap eats, San Francisco remains a budget traveler destination.


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