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Taste the Splendour of Ahmedabad through Its Museums

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Over a period of time, Ahmedabad has emerged as the home of textile manufacturing and attained the nickname of Manchester of the East. Apart from being a growing centre of higher education, information technology and scientific industries, Ahmedabad has been leaving a great mark in the areas of tourism too.

The visitors can walk through plenty of its stately and enticing spots for their pleasure. Whether fun, information, creativity, charm or historic glory, you can find every type of spot under the realm of this city. Just book rooms in Gujarat tourism hotels and carry out a notable trip in this city. For now, have a taste of this city through some of its museums.

Calico museum of textiles

Calico museum of textiles relishes one of the world’s premium assortments of modern and old Indian textiles that are all handmade and are up to five hundred years old. There are some amazingly beautiful pieces, catering unbelievable virtuosity and treat. You can go through Kashmiri shawls that took three years to get ready and the double-ikat cloths whose hundred thousand threads get dyed individually before they are weaved.

This museum has different textile galleries where you get to see outstanding examples of regal garments, wall-hangings, tribal costumes, attractive saris, Mashru and Patola weaves and Bandhani tie-dye. In this museum, an exclusive gallery showcases different examples of needlecraft from across the world. Moreover, the visitors can also see holy bronzes, religious cloth hangings and small paintings.

Sardar Patel National Museum

Sardar Patel National Museum came into existence in 1978 and it was built by Shri Babubhai Jasbhai Patel who was then Chief Minister. The museum was later got modified in the year twenty thirteen with the plus of the interactive exhibits. This museum exhibits the pieces and belongings of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and it also has two multimedia halls that shed light on the diverse aspects of life of Sardar.

The museum has information available in 3 languages i.e. Hindi, Gujarati and English to make sure that the visitors can understand it. The most luring attraction of this museum is the 3D light, sound and lasers show and such a permanent set up is a strange experience. This is something that is first of its kind in India and takes you back in time and narrates the tale of motherland, India. Once you step in this museum, you can witness much more!

Gandhi Memorial Museum 1917

Mahatma Gandhiji, the father of Nation was an amazing personality. It is really difficult to believe that such a personality had ever really walked on earth. He constructed Ashram on the bank of Sabarmati on seventeenth June 1917. He stayed there for numerous years but never really returned to the Ashram after Dandi March. At this spot, museum was constructed in 1963 where about 34,177 letters written by Gandhiji are conserved. The travellers can see several objects and stuff of Gandhiji at this spot.

Thus, this was just a quick peep into some of the museums of this city; if you are interested in more extensiveness then you should visit this city. You can book rooms in the Ahmedabad five star hotels and comfortably carry out your trip.

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