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Some Lesson to Learn in Regard to Fuel Policies

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Recently I held a discussion with a friend over a cup of coffee and wanted to know what makes Travelauto.com different when it comes to car rental services.

This wasn’t a hard question to answer. My explanation was that travelauto.com is a car rental marketplace and that our major advantage is that we offer customers great deals especially when it comes to fuel policies compared to others.

I pointed out that we are a proud people who seek to guarantee customers’ satisfaction especially as we help them get the best car rental deals in the industry. And although others will advertise that, they are offering reasonable fuel policy products, what they offer in other products are high deals that could end up costing more to the customer especially when it comes to compulsory tank of fuel at the arrival time.

My friend responded by telling me that no one is concerned about fuel policies and this came as a surprise to me. However, I later realized that my friend has never rented a car for the past 10 years and it was clear to me why he hadn’t.

I wanted to clarify on car rental dynamics a little bit more especially how the industry has quickly turned into a war for the cheapest deals. When it comes to the price comparisons, the car rental industry is at a risk of losing its reputation with many car hire companies bombarding their customers with extra mandatory fees. I showed a few online posts to my friend, which had been posted on forums, review pages, and Facebook groups just to prove to him how people are concerned about the current fuel policies when it comes to car rental dubai.

There are a few groups especially on Facebook such as Goldcar Rental bandits, plus others that go by different names. These groups are made up of people who’ve had awful experiences with car rental companies in the past. There are also others that post on tips to save money and go by the name Avoid Goldcar rentals. These along with others forum topics are full of comments from customers who are greatly interested with fuel polices.

In the process, I came across a petition in regards to the unfair fuel charges, various articles carrying national news and multiple hidden camera reports posted by the likes of watchdog. I browsed through numerous sites, read various reviews especially those with a single star especially those with comments touching on car rental fuel policies, wondering why these things are taking place, and seeking for answers to the problem.

This does not mean that there is no solution to this problem but that many customers only become aware of the problem once they feel the heat. However, you will be surprised to discover that a huge number of customers consider this to be a normal thing and therefore will go back for the same car hire companies not knowing there is a solution to this problem and that they can avoid these high costs as well.

Travel auto car rental platform offers a solution, reasonable fuel policy with all companies and in all locations. If you have experienced the heat in the past, then you have a reason to smile and if not, then you do not need to go through this same problem. People care about car rental fuel policies and you should do it too. Always check the fuel policies from your car rental company to avoid a rip off.


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